Co-Working Space

Co-working office space is growing in popularity across the UK. Future Squared can help you find the best creative office space for your needs, whether you’re looking for office space in London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Brighton, Leeds or any other major city in the UK. 

What is Co-Working Office Space?

Co-working office space is essentially a shared office where you pay for your desk. There are two types of co-working: hot desking and permanent desking. When you choose hot desking, you will have access to the shared amenities within the office building, but you won’t have a dedicated desk. 

In contrast, permanent desking gives you have the structure of a dedicated desk. Co-working spaces mean that you’ll be sharing a space with multiple other companies, and you’ll have use of communal areas and high-speed internet connectivity. 

Co-working can be as basic or as comprehensive as you want it to be, with the option to pay extra for things like meeting rooms. You pay per desk, offering you the flexibility to only pay for what you use. 

It’s worth bearing in mind that co-working spaces may only allow you a certain amount of hours every day or month - for example, only allowing for standard 9-5 access. 

Is Co-Working Office Space Suitable for me?

Whether you have two or 20 employees, a flexible working space can work for you. They’re a great option for those who work in the creative industry and who need a formal workplace to meet up every now and then. In a similar manner, co-working space is perfect for those just starting up. 

Why Choose a Co-Working Office?

There are so many reasons to choose co-working space, including:

  • Fully flexible office solutions
  • Pay per desk
  • Option to add on different services
  • Choose from hot desking and permanent desking
  • Opportunity to network with like-minded people

Find Out More About Co-Working Offices 

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