How to increase motivation in your new serviced office

New serviced offices with hi-tech telecom and IT infrastructure are a cost-effective and flexible workspace solution that can accommodate all types of businesses. However, by adding a touch of corporate personalisation, motivational messages, natural light, office plants, etc., it is possible to make your serviced office a more individual and comfortable environment for your workforce.

So, if you have already taken these measures, what else can you do to ensure your employees are happy, thus increasing workplace motivation and staff retention?

Here are our top tips on how to keep a happy workforce

  1. Offer micro-breaks – According to the Get Britain Standing Campaign, workers sit at their desks for, on average, 8.9 hours a day. So, clearly, providing comfortable furniture is a must – but it’s also important to ensure they spend some time away from their desks. Allowing five-minute micro-breaks Allowing five-minute micro-breaks to grab a drink, eat some fruit or have a quick chat to a colleague in a comfortable breakout area is the perfect way to enhance performance and increase productivity.
  2. Offer free snacks and drinks – Everyone knows that keeping healthy involves consuming the recommended quota of fruit and staying hydrated. By offering this sustenance free of charge in your workplace, you will keep your staff happy and boost morale, and it can also assist with ensuring a healthy workforce, therefore, lowering the amount of sick leave taken.
  3. Offer more co-worker interaction – Organising for lunch to be delivered in or arranging lunch meetings, brain teasers and competitions will all help to encourage employee interaction. In addition, easy access to communal areas such as the kitchen or co-working areas such as a business lounge will ensure staff can freely communicate with each other. This will all foster a stronger sense of belonging and company loyalty.
  4. Offer comfortable work areas – Ensuring that staff workstations are not only health and safety checked but also conducive to easy communication between fellow workers will create a happy environment for your workforce.
  5. Offer the ability to move – Too many workplaces do not offer an outside area, whilst outside space is not always a possibility, it is important to ensure that your employees are given the opportunity to exercise during the day. So, whether this is in the form of walking meetings, standing up, fitness challenges or regular exercise breaks, as long as you get your staff moving you will increase productivity.
  6. Offer music for motivation – Music has been proven to improve efficiency, creativity and overall happiness at work. In fact, recent studies have shown that listening to music at work can boost employee productivity by 79%. What’s more, if you invest in noise-cancelling headphones, staff can block out the distracting sounds of a busy office as well as noisy co-workers.
  7. Offer consistent rewards – Lastly, but by no means least, offer your staff members the recognition that they deserve for all their hard work. You can achieve this by allowing days when pets are allowed into the office, offering bonuses for achieving targets, ensuring complete transparency and always being fair and consistent with company rules and regulations.

By following these top tips in your serviced office, you will ensure that motivation and staff retention increases and your business thrives.