It’s office life – but not as we know it…

There are plenty of news reports predicting the demise of office life as we have known it.  The BBC explored The Future of the Office in a recent article and quoted Business Leaders such as the Boss of Barclays and Morgan Stanley’s Chief as saying that they will be looking to reduce their office space intimating a permanent shift towards home working.

Whilst staff working from home certainly provides businesses with a cost saving and ticks multiple CSR boxes, what this doesn’t address is the inherent need of many for office life and all it provides in terms of morale for staff.

Lots to love about office life

Judging by the outbursts on social media networks,  many people can’t wait to get out of their homes and back into their workplaces and feel their work productivity and mental health depends on it.

So, we thought it was time to remind ourselves why people love office life so much. Here’s our top five reasons:- 

Space to be creative and think 

No distractions, kids, home schooling, washing machines or housework to do… Remember how it felt? A clear demarcation between home life and office life helps to provide structure in your day and enhances productivity.

Impress and be impressed 

An office space represents a brand, ethos and way of working and therefore many find that not only does their workplace impress clients and suppliers – it also impresses and inspires the staff working there.

Water cooler moments

You know, those great moments where news and gossip is exchanged, a laugh is had and a creative idea pops into your head. Office banter has been cited as a key factor many office workers have been missing during the Pandemic – and something they are looking forward to.


Many professional service industries rely on collaboration between colleagues and clients in order to effectively deliver their work. Whilst of course, there are workarounds such as virtual meetings (which are currently invaluable), texts, phone calls and webinars – as a long term strategy for collaboration – how do they really stack up? How do you truly collaborate when you can only build a virtual relationship with someone?

Competitive advantage

Irrespective of whether you have a serviced office , managed office space or leasehold – there is clear competitive advantage both in terms of new customer attraction and talent acquisition. When you think about it, if you visited the offices of two similar companies and loved the vibe, energy and buzz of one however felt the other was dull, quiet or old fashioned – which would you choose to work with? Add into the mix – an office tour and introduction to a team you will be working with versus a virtual meeting and the competitive advantage is potentially even bigger!

The shape of things to come….

Whilst it remains to be seen whether people working in offices will need to wear protective face masks  or not in the office, social distancing, health and safety measures and video conferencing are certainly going to be at the forefront of the new office vista.

With so many changes afoot it is difficult to see how office life as we knew it pre-COVID-19 can continue. I guess the truth is – it can’t. But it will return and be different and office workers will start to embrace the new norm – whatever that will be.

Forward thinking business owners recognise that an office is not just about renting a space where their staff attend every day. It is about building  culture, community and team spirit – which represent their brand in their everyday work and dealings with their customers.

If you are looking to relocate your business or indeed try a new style of working, then why not get in touch with our helpful team who will explore the most cost effective options available to meet your needs.