Securing your first office space

Starting your own business is a huge step. When you’re giving up the security of a permanent job in order to be your own boss, you’re not just swapping a regular wage for an uncertain one by monetising something you’re good at, you’re taking on all the responsibilities of being a business owner. This means you will have to look after every aspect of running a business including finances, tax, bills, IT, HR, admin, etc. – all of which will take valuable time away from doing the work that creates your income.

If you can afford it, outsourcing as much of this work as possible will help you concentrate on the more profitable side of things. By renting serviced office space, you will have a professional address and environment in which to work and meet clients, all at a monthly rate which includes utilities, WiFi, furniture, maintenance, cleaning, and often tea and coffee too. Without having to worry about the practicalities of your working environment, you can focus more of your attention on your work.

First steps

It’s likely that, for your first office space, you’d probably be looking for just a desk for yourself. In which case, renting a desk in a co-working space will be the most cost-effective option. Often you can opt for your own desk, so you know where you’ll be sitting each day, or a hot desk, so you can work wherever it suits you best on the day. Co-working spaces give you the opportunity to meet and network with other entrepreneurs every time you’re in the office, which has positive benefits on your motivation and productivity, not to mention the potential for new business opportunities!

With all the facilities you’ll need already in place, you can simply move in, log in to your laptop, jump on the WiFi and start working immediately!

Alternatively, if you want your own office, look for a serviced office. If you need a single office or one big enough for two, three, four or more people, there are plenty available. And again, everything’s in place so you can start working straight away.

The advantage of both options is their flexibility. When your business grows and you need to take on employees, contract staff or freelancers, you can expand or contract the space as and when required, meaning you’ll only pay for office space when you’re using it. And that’s only one of the many reasons why co-working and serviced office spaces are so popular with small, medium and large companies alike.

Using an office broker

It doesn’t matter what size or type of office space you need, an office broker will help you find something to suit your location and budget. After finding out what your needs are, the broker will search for suitable options and book viewings. Once you’ve chosen a space you like best, the broker will negotiate the best deal on your behalf, and as soon as you have a start date, you can move in! If you’d like to know more, contact us for a chat, we’d love to hear from you!