The key ingredients to a creative working environment

To a certain degree getting the creative working environment right is a matter of personal taste, and what works for some people may not be the same for others. So, when it comes to finding some creative offices to rent, spend some time considering what you and your team need before signing on the dotted line. Get it right and you will have a stimulating environment that encourages creativity, allows thoughts to run free and ultimately increases productivity.

Get the ambience right

The correct temperature is crucial for allowing creative ideas to surface. Concentration levels are adversely affected if it is too hot or too cold – the ideal room temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius. This can be particularly problematic if one end of the room is cold and the other is hot, so make sure any office you rent has an efficient and reliable heating and/or air conditioning system that is easily controlled at the touch of a button.

The right lighting is essential, so make sure the office you rent has enough lights that are suitable for your work. Low-level lighting may help some to get into the creative zone, while others may prefer access to natural light and have their desk facing a window so they can see blue sky, trees or a city skyline – whatever scene inspires them.

While silence can help some people concentrate and develop ideas, others are likely to prefer the sound of a low-level general hubbub going on around them. Many creative ideas occur when people can bounce ideas off each other. This is an important consideration for people who work on their own which is why renting a coworking space in order to work alongside like-minded people can be of enormous benefit to their creativity.

The best ideas may occur away from the desk

While for many people a desk and chair are sufficient for their work, creative people may need more. Break-out areas, comfortable chairs, standing desks and even the ability to move around the office can really help the creative ideas to flow. Make sure there are plenty of note-taking facilities on desks and tables, and perhaps even on the wall, so people can scribble their ideas down as they occur.

Most people like to personalise their surroundings so make sure there is enough room for things like mood and smile boards, objects and photos for inspiration. A positive mood and interesting, unusual objects will spark new ideas.

Green is the colour of creativity so help it along by using green pens and stationery and perhaps even add some green to the office. Think about dotting some plants around the office as well because, as well as adding a splash of green, they clean the air and reduce the level of carbon dioxide making it better for everyone.

So, when looking for creative offices to rent, consider what will create the best environment for you and your staff. The better the office environment, the happier the staff, and the more creative and productive they will be.

If you are seeking a new creative environment in which to base your growing company, why not have a chat with our Team? Not only is our office broker service completely free of charge, our experts can help a smooth transition into your new space and ensure you find somewhere where creativity can thrive.