The Most Iconic Locations In London To Rent A Serviced Office for Your Business

Finding an office space for your company or business in London is certainly not an easy task. Whether you are looking for a serviced office or a managed office space, there are so many factors that require your attention and consideration.

However, as difficult as the office-hunting process might be, one simply can’t ignore the fact that this city is home to some of the most iconic locations for businesses and companies to rent an office space.

Most offices in London are situated in such incredible locations that give small businesses as well as larger organisations a chance to have a professional office space in the largest city in England.

Take a look at some of the top locations in London where you can rent a serviced office for your business.

Central London

This is the innermost part of London City Centre.  Some popular areas that have flexible office spaces include King’s Cross, Marylebone Stations, Euston, Embankment, Knightsbridge, and Regent Street, to name a few.

These areas are known for their quality services, professional working atmosphere, networking opportunities, and increased business effectiveness, all of which are great plus points for your company or business.

North London

This part of London covers the areas that lie north of River Thames and offers great opportunities for businesses and companies in terms of finding a nice office space.

It consists of many boroughs such as Westminster, Camden, Barnet, Hackney, and Islington.

Some of the most sought-after locations in North London for renting an office space include Baltic Place, Wharf Road, Underhill Street, and Colindale, each of which has something unique to offer.

Baltic Place, for instance, is a modern, co-working space in Hoxton, Hackney, which is slowly turning into an exciting hub for entrepreneurs and innovators. It’s an ideal location to rent a serviced office and is also dotted with restaurants, cafés, and galleries!

East London

This is the home of technological and digital businesses ranging from small, new start-ups to massive, globally-recognised companies! It contains numerous boroughs such as Newham, Tower Hamlets, Havering, and Waltham Forest, among many others.

If you choose to rent an office in East London, some of the most ideal locations are Dufferin Street, Dalston Lane, and Indescon Square.

Dufferin Street, for instance, is a creative hub where you are likely to find something new and exciting at almost every corner. Many tech businesses call this area home, making it a great option for you to rent an office space for your business.

South London

‘Posh’ is the word that is most commonly used to describe South London. As the name suggests, it makes up the Southern part of London and is situated towards the south side of River Thames.

Some of the most noteworthy properties to consider in South London are located in Millbank Tower, Borough Road, Mortlake High Street, and Lavender Hill. These locations offer flexible office spaces to businesses and companies, whether yours is a start-up or a full-grown company.

West London

Comprising of seven boroughs in total, West London is quite a location with world-famous attractions, galleries, shopping centres, and entertainment opportunities.

Merchant Square, Shepherds Bush, Grove Park Studios, and Allen Street are some of the most quality locations to watch out for when looking to rent offices in London.

Grove Park Studios offer unique office spaces with a friendly community feel while the ones at Shepherds Bush are known for truly modern aesthetics and excellent facilities.

If you wish to rent a serviced office in London, get in touch with our team.  We can help rent your dream office space in the city. We have contacts all over London, which means we can find you the ideal office space without any hassle!