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Within the Bristol region, Future Squared is in operation to provide flexible office space to an array of businesses. With the fifth largest population in the UK of around 571,922, you can be certain that any business can flourish in the heart of Bristol. As an up-and-coming location filled with young jobseekers, it’s a prime spot for evolving businesses.

Due to the up-and-coming nature of the area, it’s a welcoming space to people from all walks of life. With this in mind, you can be sure that your workforce will be greatly diverse - which is beneficial to any business. This provides you with a solid position to deal with any difficulties or opportunities due to the varied strength of your workforce. Here at Future Squared, we offer all manner of working space across Bristol, as listed below. 

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Serviced Office Space in Bristol

Serviced office space is an ideal solution for start-ups and established businesses alike. It couldn’t be easier with the simplicity of flexible contracts that include all costs and amenities. Whether your business is formed of one or 200 people, you can be sure that we have an office space available to accommodate your needs. 

The monthly cost of Bristol’s serviced office spaces covers front of house services, security, insurance, business rates, utilities, and rent. Furthermore, you can request call handling and printer access if you find that this would benefit your business. 

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Semi Serviced Office Space

You might find that your financial plan can’t quite accommodate a fully serviced office space in Bristol. If this is the case, we also offer semi serviced office spaces that are closely related to our fully serviced offices. For a smaller cost, you won’t receive front of house services, meaning you’ll just walk straight into the office. Consequently, you won’t have access to secretarial services such as post organisation. 

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Virtual Office Space in Bristol

Plenty of companies are now operating on a remote basis, making it difficult to establish a name for themselves in the absence of a physical office space. Fortunately, Future Squared has responded by offering virtual office spaces across the region. This will give your business a physical address where clients can send post and make phone calls to. This will accredit your company as it will appear that you have an established address. 

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Managed Office Space in Bristol

If you’re torn between traditional lease and serviced office spaces, managed office space is the solution for you. This option allows you to design your office space in an individual fashion, whilst spreading the costs of the modifications across your monthly instalments. Within this monthly bill, you’ll also be able to seamlessly pay for your communication services and other bills. 

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Coworking Office Space for Rent in Bristol

Future Squared networks with multiple landlords to offer up both permanent desking and hot desking. Both office solutions base your business within a large office that accommodates several other companies, making the working area shared. These solutions may present limitations in how your business can operate, restricting your hours to 9-5 or confining your weekly hours to 60 hours. However, it’s still the perfect option for companies that would benefit from coordinating with likeminded individuals at an affordable cost. 

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Future Squared can assist you in all your flexible office space needs. Simply get in touch with any enquiries about the offices we have available or to coordinate a viewing.