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East London

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East London is a cultural hub that is home to more than 2.8 million people, making it an attractive business location for those seeking out a new London base. Commercial property in East London can be expensive, but Future Squared offers a broad selection of flexible office space in London that is both high quality and budget friendly.

Through a flexible office space from Future Squared, you can reap the rewards of London’s diverse workforce, rich history, and endless business opportunity, but for a reduced price.

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Serviced Office Space in East London 

Serviced offices are among the best value for money in East London, but that’s not their only benefit. If you’re looking to move into a new office quickly, or if you need a contract that is flexible to suit your growing business, serviced offices are the go-to choice.

Whether you have one employee or 200, a serviced office space can accommodate you. What’s more, they’re far easier to manage. Your rent, utilities, business rates, insurance, security, and front of house costs are all rolled into one monthly bill, allowing you keep on top things far more easily.

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Semi Serviced Office Space

Semi-serviced offices are a more cost-effective solution to serviced office space. They share many of the same benefits, including the flexible contracts and the all-inclusive monthly bill, but semi-serviced offices do have more restricted services. They don’t have as many secretarial services, and things like post management may be unavailable. Despite this, you might find your business doesn’t require these things, meaning semi-serviced offices are ideal.

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East London Coworking Office Space to Rent

Co-working presents a great opportunity for networking because your business will be based in the same room as several others. Co-working offices are very budget-friendly, and all the equipment is included, making them an easy choice.

Whilst you have to share the space, you can choose between hot desking (changing desks every time) or permanent desking (having a designated desk). There may be some time restrictions, such as only having weekday access to the office, but if this won’t affect you, co-working office space in East London is a great option for start-ups.

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Managed Office Space East London

If you want the freedom to decorate your office and fit it out to reflect your brand, but you also want the ease that comes with a serviced office, a managed office space is perfect. You can customise your office to reflect your branding, and the cost of the fit-out will be rolled into the monthly fee you pay to cover your rent, bills, insurance, business rates, and more.

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Virtual Office Space East London

Remote working has taken off recently and many businesses aren’t prepared to lease a physical office space, but this doesn’t negate the need for a business address. A virtual office means you can register your business to an East London address and have your post directed there, but you can still work remotely.

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