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Future Squared provides flexible office space to a wide range of businesses throughout Edinburgh. Edinburgh has the ninth largest population in the UK with around 488,050 inhabitants, creating a booming business hub. It is the perfect setting for established companies and growing businesses alike. 

Since Edinburgh is among the largest cities in the UK, the diversity of its residents is sky-high. This is ideal for any growing business as it allows you to enlist varied personnel and puts your company in the strongest position possible. Having a wide range of personalities sets up your business to handle any opportunities or obstacles that your it may face. Future Squared operates throughout Edinburgh, offering an array of office space options, as described below. 

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Coworking Office Space for Rent in Edinburgh

Since Future Squared is in conversation with various landlords, we’re able to offer two types of coworking office space: permanent desking and hot desking. Each office solution situates your business within a large office that is comprised of several other companies. These options may limit the number of hours that can be worked within a month. For instance, you may only be permitted to work 9-5 days or 60 hours per week. Regardless, this option allows you to liaise with likeminded individuals on a daily basis at a reasonable price. 

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Serviced Office Space in Edinburgh

Serviced office space works for all manner of businesses, whether you’re an established company or a brand new firm. Serviced office space lacks the complications that come alongside other office spaces due to flexible contracts and added amenities. Your utilities and other bills are all included within the monthly cost of the building. Regardless of whether your business is comprised of one or 200 people, we have an office solution to suit.

Edinburgh serviced office spaces are inclusive of rent, utilities, insurance, security, business rates, and front of house services in a monthly fee. Additionally, you’re able to add call handling and printer access as and when you see fit. 

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Semi Serviced Office Space

Not all companies have the same financial plan, meaning we have office solutions to suit those on a lower budget. Semi serviced office spaces are extremely similar to fully serviced office spaces, but they don’t include front of house services. As a result, your company won’t get secretarial services such as post administration. 

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Virtual Office Space in Edinburgh

A virtual office allows you to register your business at a physical address where all your calls and post will be directed. Not only does this create a convenient hub for telephone communications and postal interactions, but you’ll be able to inform clients of a physical address, making you seem established. 

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Managed Office Space in Edinburgh

Managed offices give you the best of both worlds, boasting the benefits of both conventional lease and serviced office space. Making your business space your own is a huge priority for many, and this option allows you to achieve just that. You’ll be able to model the space to match your vision and finance the work across your contract’s duration. In addition to the personalised features, all your communication services and bills will be included within your monthly bill. 

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If you’re after a flexible office in Edinburgh, we’re here to help. Please contact us to arrange a viewing or to learn more about the offices we have available.