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Future Squared works throughout Leeds to provide businesses in the region with flexible office space. Leeds has the eighth largest population in the UK with upwards of half a million inhabitants creating a bustling atmosphere filled with energetic job seekers, making it one of the best places to establish a company.

Leeds is the largest city in Yorkshire and is home to so much vital infrastructure. Similarly, it’s a thriving student city that gifts you with a young and lively workforce. As a result, Leeds gives you a great foundation to establish and develop a company. Future Squared allows you to take advantage of these opportunities using the following office solutions:

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Virtual Office Space in Leeds

Not all businesses require an actual office space for employees to work from, but rather, they need a hub where their post and calls can be dealt with. For companies such as these, virtual office space is ideal in providing corporations with an address that post and calls can be directed to without employees having to actually work from the building. Not only does this allow for convenience, but it makes your business appear more established to consumers. 

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Serviced Office Space in Leeds

From brand new businesses to established companies, serviced office space is a viable option for all corporations. Contracts to these spaces are flexible, and all bills and utilities are included within the price of rent. Whether your business is made up of one employee or 200, we have a location to accommodate your team. 

The cost of our Leeds serviced working spaces ae inclusive of front of house services, security, insurance, business rates, utilities, and rent. You can even request call handling and printer access if you feel it could benefit your company. 

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Semi Serviced Office Space in Leeds

If you want the ease of serviced office space without the cost, semi serviced office space is certainly a viable option. These include all the benefits of a fully serviced office space, excluding front of house amenities. Therefore, for a reduced cost, you won’t receive secretarial services like post organisation. 

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Managed Office Space in Leeds

Naturally, you want to personalise your office to reflect your business, and managed office space allows you to do just that. You will be provided with a contract and across the length of this, you’ll be able to pay for your working space and any modifications you make to it. In addition to the customisable features, you can feel confident that your communications and bills are in good hands. 

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Coworking Office Space for Rent in Leeds

Here at Future Squared, we’re in collaboration with multiple landlords that offer hot desking and permanent desking spaces alike. These are options that place your business within a wider sphere of other companies. Ultimately, your working space will be shared, meaning that you must be considerate of your working hours. For example, you may be limited to a 60-hour working week or a 9-5 working day. Regardless of this, a coworking office space is an affordable solution that allows you to liaise with several other companies. 

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Find Flexible Office Space in Leeds

Future Squared is on hand to assist anyone in finding flexible office space throughout Leeds. Please contact us regarding our available spaces or to book a viewing.