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North London

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Here at Future Squared, we operate throughout North London to provide flexible office space to all manner of businesses within the capital. North London has a population of around 999,000, making it a bustling setting that’s ideal for establishing businesses. 

London is home to some of the country’s best transport links, meaning that a diverse workforce is never far from your front door. Consequently, North London is among the best locations to establish your business. As a result, conventional leased office spaces tend to be incredibly pricey. Future Squared has plenty of affordable office solutions throughout the North London region, as detailed below. 

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Serviced Office Space in North London 

Due to the extortionate costs of North London working space, many companies find that they can’t afford traditional leased spaces. That’s where serviced office space comes in, offering an office with flexible contracts and included utilities and bills. These are perfect for well-established and brand-new businesses alike, with speedy move-in dates and minimal hassle. Whether your team is comprised of one person or 200 people, we have the right office solution to accommodate you.

The monthly cost of a North London serviced office space is inclusive of insurance, security, front of house services, utilities, business rates, and rent. Similarly, if you have need for printer access or call handling, these can also be implemented. 

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Semi Serviced Office Space

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch far enough for a fully serviced office space, semi-serviced office spaces are an ideal alternative. The premise is almost identical to that of fully serviced offices, just in the absence of front of house services. On top of this, you may miss out on added secretarial services such as post management. 

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North London Coworking Office Space to Rent

In order to provide a variety of coworking office spaces, we work alongside multiple landlords. Consequently, we can offer both permanent desking and hot desking spaces. Each of these requires your company to operate from a large office that is home to many other businesses, creating a shared space. This may result in a limited number of hours that you’re able to work in the space, such as 9-5 daily or 60 hours per week. However, this does mean that coworking is relatively cheaper than serviced offices, making it perfect for start-up companies. On top of this, it presents the perfect opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals in North London. 

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Managed Office Space North London

Managed offices tread the balance between traditional leased and serviced offices, allowing you to customise the space to suit the needs and style of your business. The cost of these modifications will be paid across the length of your contract. Whether you’re just starting out or simply want to make the space your own, managed office space is the perfect solution. Everything is seamlessly managed within a monthly payment. 

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Virtual Office Space North London

Plenty of businesses have recently taken to working remotely; however, they find that they still benefit from a North London address. With a virtual office, all post and calls will be handled in the office where your company is registered. This gives clients the impression that you’re in London, creating an air of professionalism. As a result, this is a great option for start-up companies that require a collective postal hub. 

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