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Future Squared works across Nottingham, offering flexible office space to a wide variety of companies within the region. Nottingham has the fifteenth largest population in the UK of roughly 311,823 inhabitants that make up an extremely diverse community. This bustling atmosphere of diverse prospective candidates places Nottingham amongst the perfect places to build a business.

Due to the high level of diversity, you will be able to recruit an incredibly varied workforce in Nottingham. This will contribute to your company’s success as it will put your business in a strong position to take on multiple opportunities. In order to build this progressive platform, Future Squared provides various working spaces, as detailed below. 

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Virtual Office Space in Nottingham

Though your company may be operating on a remote basis, it could be beneficial to have a physical business address. When it comes to virtual office space, all calls and post will be directed to an address that your company has been registered to. This provides your business with an office address that your clients can interact with. This is a perfect way to establish your company within the sphere, whilst creating a convenient hub for your calls and post.

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Coworking Office Space for Rent in Nottingham

Hot desking and permanent desking are the coworking office spaces that we have available within the Nottingham area. These refer to your business sitting amongst a variety of other companies all under one roof. Since this working space is shared, you may be limited to hours in which you can operate. For example, you may not be able to exceed 60 hours per week or work outside 9-5 on a daily basis. However, this option allows you to liaise with likeminded businesses at an affordable price. 

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Serviced Office Space in Nottingham

Serviced working space boasts a variety of advantages such as inclusive utilities, bills, and flexible contracts to name a few. This option works for new and established businesses alike and getting started is incredibly simple. Whether your company consists of one or 200 people, we have an office solution to accommodate your workforce.

For serviced working spaces in Nottingham, you will pay a monthly fee that covers the cost of utilities, rent, insurance security, and front of house services. In addition to this, you can add in call handling and printer access as and when you require them.

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Semi Serviced Office Space

A fully serviced office space can’t always be afforded and isn't always needed. Instead, you might opt for a semi serviced office without front of house services at a fraction of the cost of the fully serviced spaces. 

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Managed Office Space in Nottingham

When it comes to serviced office space, many companies are concerned that they won’t be able to customise their space to suit their individual business. When this is the case, managed office space is the perfect solution that allows you to design your working space and pay for the work being done over the length of your contract. As well as being wholly satisfied with the aesthetic of your office, you can guarantee your communication services and bills are being dealt with. 

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If you’re looking for a flexible office in Nottingham, we’re here to help. Please contact us to arrange a viewing or enquire about our existing space.