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South London

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Future Squared operates in and amongst South London to provide a variety of flexible office spaces within the capital. South London’s population of upwards of 16 million makes the area the ideal place to grow a company, giving it a busy and thriving atmosphere. 

South London boasts some of the best transport links in the country with London Bridge and Waterloo being two of the main stations in the south of London. This is what makes the South of London the perfect place to start or grow your business. But don't worry – being right at the heart of things doesn't have to come at a costly price. Here at Future Squared, our mission is to help you find the perfect affordable office solution in South London. 

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Serviced Office Space in South London 

Though the benefits of having a workspace in South London are endless, it's no secret that rents can often be expensive. If you find that your budget doesn’t quite stretch far enough for a conventional leased office, a serviced office space could be the ideal solution. The ease of flexible contracts and included bills and utilities within the rent fee make these spaces the perfect option for old and new companies alike. With quick move-in times, zero hassle, and varying office sizes, Future Squared is guaranteed to have a serviced office to suit your needs.

The costs of utilities, business rates, rent, insurance, security, and front of house services are all included within a single monthly cost. Additionally, if you require call handling or printer access, this too can easily be added. Just because rent for private offices is expensive doesn't mean your business should lose out on the other essentials such as swanky meeting rooms. That's why our serviced offices come with a mix of fancy meeting rooms, break-out spaces and other amenities that provide a range of benefits to every workforce.

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Semi Serviced Office Space

Semi serviced office spaces offer similar benefits to that of services office spaces, however if you find that you can’t quite afford a fully serviced office, you may consider a semi serviced solution. These spaces bear great similarity to fully serviced offices in that they provide private offices with everything you need to start working right away such as desks, super-fast Wi-Fi and more.

However, the main difference between semi services office spaces and fully serviced offices is that the former lacks certain amenities and features. For example, a semi services office space does not provide access to front of house services, allowing you to walk directly into your private office. Consequently, secretarial services such as post management will be lacking.

Nonetheless, semi serviced office spaces are one of the best options for any business looking for a private office on a tight budget.  

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South London Coworking Office Space to Rent

Coworking spaces have become a popular choice in recent times due to the many great benefits that they bring. London is very much seeing a surge of coworking spaces appearing, and in few places is this more clear than in South London. One of the standout differences of coworking office spaces to private offices is that the workspace is communal and as such, is shared amongst a variety of different businesses and unique individuals. Meeting rooms, break-out spaces and conference rooms are accessible to everyone. As well as this, hot desking is commonplace within coworking spaces which often attracts many freelancers and those who enjoy hybrid working. 

Coworking office spaces fall under the categories of hot desking and permanent desking, which both describe a large office that accommodates a number of businesses. In order to make this solution possible, Future Squared liaises with a variety of landlords to provide unbeatable coworking spaces. Depending on the provider and your contract, the coworking space may be fully flexible, or the shared nature of the space may present limitations such as restricted working hours that can’t fall outside of 9-5 days or 60-hour weeks. Despite this, it does mean that coworking office space is more affordable than rent of a traditional office property whilst also enabling professionals to network across different companies. 

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Managed Office Space South London

In order to combine the benefits of serviced and traditional leased office spaces and properties, Future Squared offers managed office spaces. These workspaces are a blend between serviced spaces and the more traditional lease on a property. Within this type of office, you’re able to modify the space and pay for these customisations across your contract. These are paid for by a monthly fee which include many of the key benefits that services offices provide such as maintenance, cleaning and more. The aspect that sets these offices apart is that companies also have the ability to customise the space to their liking. 

Design these spaces how you like, whether it be an open-plan layout or lots of desks lined up next to each other -- it's your call. These workspaces are the ideal option for growing companies that wish to establish a brand at an affordable monthly price. 

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Virtual Office Space South London

Since Covid-19 there's been an undeniable shift in the way businesses view offices, with many choosing to make the switch to remote working. Fully remote working models have grown to become more and more common; however, you might be in need of a central hub for calls and post. That's where virtual office spaces come in, and where better than in South London? These offices are the perfect solution, providing you with a London address to give to your clients. Ultimately, this boasts both professionalism and convenience. 

Virtual office spaces often allow teams to rent meeting rooms at a discounted price within the property. Just because your business has decided to go remote shouldn't mean you never have a space to meet if the team so desires. 

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What's working in South London like?

Having an office in South London is a unique experience. From the vibrant culture to the eclectic mix of people, there's something for everyone. South London is known for its strong sense of community, with loyalty and respect being key aspects that unite locals and visitors alike. There are many different industries operating in the area so job opportunities are plentiful – whether you're working in finance, media or even hospitality – South London has something to offer. And after work hours, be sure to explore all of the delightful pubs, cafes and shops that dot the local streets. With such a range of activities on offer, it's no wonder that so many people love working in South London.

Transport in South London

The South of London truly is one of the most well-connected parts of London, with London Bridge being the standout station. London Bridge is one of the biggest stations in London with two underground lines in the Jubilee Line and Northern Line helping to connect it to North, East and West London along with overground services across the country. This makes commuting into London Bridge easy no matter you are, ensuring you can reach your workspace with ease. 

Waterloo station also offers convenient access to much of England's south, as well as access to the Jubilee, Northern, Bakerloo, and Waterloo & City lines. Tube and overground stops around South London also make it easy to get around, including the tube stations at Bermondsey, Southwark, Elephant & Castle, and more.

The best office locations in South London

South London has some of the most vibrant and sought after offices on offer. From creative startup hubs to sophisticated business centres, South London is filled with numerous options when it comes to renting office space. From its breathtaking cityscape to its vibrant street culture, South London has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for some prime real estate overlooking the River Thames, or a more cosy spot tucked away in a side street alley, you'll find what you need in South London. The area offers plenty of amazing amenities such as countless cafes and fantastic transport links – making it an ideal space for any business. 

London Bridge offers some of the best office locations around South London London; the area being full of character, complete with a slew of bustling markets, cobblestoned streets and amazing views down onto the River Thames. 

Other preferred South London office locations include Vauxhall, Brixton, Dulwich, Streatham, Peckham, and Croydon. Served extensively by bus and rail, these are ideal places to locate your business. 

Considering other parts of London? Explore our workspaces in bustling East London, vibrant North London and swanky West London. We guarantee that no matter where you settle down into your new office, it will have everything you need. 

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