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South London

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Future Squared operates in and amongst South London to provide a variety of flexible office spaces within the capital. South London’s population of upwards of 16 million makes the area the ideal place to grow a company, gifting a busy and thriving atmosphere. 

Furthermore, you can be sure that you’ll never be far from the bustling setting, thanks to some of the best transport links in the country. This is what makes South London the perfect place to build a business from, but it comes at a costly price. Consequently, Future Squared has set out to provide a number of affordable office solutions throughout South London, as detailed below. 

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Serviced Office Space in South London 

Though the benefits of working in South London are endless, the cost is the biggest downfall. If you find that your budget doesn’t quite stretch far enough for a conventional leased office, a serviced office space could be the ideal solution. The ease of flexible contracts and included bills and utilities make these spaces the perfect option for old and new companies alike. With quick move-in times, zero hassle, and varying office sizes, Future Squared has something in store for you.

The costs of utilities, business rates, rent, insurance, security, and front of house services are all included within a single monthly cost. Additionally, if you require call handling or printer access, this too can be added. 

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Semi Serviced Office Space

If you find that you can’t quite afford a fully serviced office, you may consider a semi serviced solution. These bear great similarity to fully serviced offices; however, you won’t have access to front of house services. Consequently, secretarial services such as post management will also be lacking. 

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South London Coworking Office Space to Rent

Coworking office spaces fall under the categories of hot desking and permanent desking, which both describe a large office that accommodates a number of businesses. In order to make this solution possible, Future Squared liaises with a variety of landlords. The shared nature of the space may present limitations such as restricted working hours that can’t fall outside of 9-5 days or 60-hour weeks. Despite this, it does mean that coworking office space is more affordable whilst also enabling professionals to network across different companies. 

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Managed Office Space South London

In order to combine the benefits of serviced and traditional leased office spaces, Future Squared offers managed office spaces. Within these settings, you’re able to modify the space and pay for these customisations across your contract. As a result, this is the ideal option for growing companies that wish to establish a brand at an affordable monthly price. 

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Virtual Office Space South London

Virtual working models have grown to become more and more common; however, you might be in need of a central hub for calls and post. In this instance, South London offices are the perfect solution, providing you with a London address to give to your clients. Ultimately, this boasts both professionalism and convenience. 

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Here at Future Squared, we can assist you in finding a flexible office within South London. Please, contact us to book a viewing or for further information regarding our vacant office spaces.