5 Colours That Are Best for Offices to Boost Productivity

Ever wondered why people often spend days and weeks figuring out the interior colours for their home or office during renovations?

There are some colours that you will find in almost every office space or home. There’s a well-justified reason for that, and it is commonly referred to as ‘colour psychology’.

Colours have the power and the ability to impact our feelings, moods and emotions greatly. Imagine having to work in an office space with jet black walls all around you. While black is a universally-loved colour, is it an ideal colour for an office?

When it comes to offices and workplace settings, some colours that are known to boost happiness, productivity and motivation among employees.

So, if you happen to be renovating your office space or looking for a new serviced office for your business, here are 5 colours that you should consider.


There are probably no surprises here – blue has to be one of the most beautiful and, not to mention, one of the calmest of all colours. It stimulates the mind, helps one stay focused and boosts productivity. It’s also a happy colour that reminds you of the skies and the water, making you feel really good overall.

You will find blue walls and interior, particularly in those offices that require a lot of mental strain and deep focus. Accounting offices, for instance, often paint their walls blue to help keep employees focused and increase their efficiency at work.

White/ Off White

This may be a very basic, simple and plain colour, but one certainly can’t deny the fact that white is one of those colours that radiate warmth and tend to relax people while they are working.

It has a clean appearance; it’s an easy colour to experiment with and is an ideal choice for large offices that have a lot of people in it.

If you aren’t fond of stark white paint, you can opt for a subtle pearl-grey white shade or even soft off-white, which is light on the eyes and helps increase motivation at work.


Now you may think brown is a dull colour. However, psychologically it reminds you of the sand and the earth which can help lighten the mood in the office.

It’s a great option for office spaces, especially when it is paired with rich wood furniture. Matte brown, for instance, emanates a warm feeling and can do wonders in your workspace by adding a touch of elegance to it. However, it must be paired with the right patterns and furnishings to get the desired effect and result.


If you are aiming for mid-century modern-style office space, a dusty peach is a wonderful option given how timeless it is.

It’s quite an unusual colour, but it’s one of those colours that are full of personality and helps radiates happiness and motivation all around.

Pastel Yellow

You are likely to find pastel yellow and other similar shades in offices in the creative industry.

A colour like this helps boost your creative streak and brings out the creativity from within. It works best when coupled with white or brown accents, for instance. Yellow is known to be one of the happiest colours out there, given how it represents the sun and beautiful sunflowers!

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