Best WeWork London Offices & Coworking Spaces

Like a well-tailored Savile Row suit, WeWork's London offices are meticulously designed to fit your business needs. This global coworking powerhouse has woven its magic across the city's landscapes, creating a tapestry of diverse and exciting workspaces for new and established businesses.

From the cultural hub of Soho's Medius House to the sleek modernity of Canary Wharf, these aren't mere office spaces; they're vibrant communities where creativity and productivity intermingle effortlessly.

Each location, whether it be Aldwych House with its history echoing through its hallways or Aviation House in Holborn that blends vintage charm with modern amenities, offers unique features tailored for your comfort and success.

In this article, we'll guide you through our top 12 picks for 2023 - including remarkable spots like Tower Bridge or Merchant Square that reflect London's rich heritage and unceasing innovation. Discover why WeWork Waterloo is renowned as the largest office space and how The Monument stands tall amidst London's skyline. Let us lead you into your future workspace!

WeWork Soho - Medius House

WeWork Medius House Offices in Soho

Nestled in the heart of bustling Soho, Medius House is one of WeWork's standout London offices. It's an irresistible blend of trendy design and professional convenience that'll make your workday feel less like a chore.

This iconic West End location is just steps away from world-class shopping, entertainment, and cultural landmarks. The office space boasts tastefully decorated interiors, state-of-the-art technology, and plenty of natural light to fuel your productivity. You'll thrive on its vibrant energy synonymous with the West End area yet appreciate the quiet corners for focused work or confidential meetings.

Whether you're a startup or an established company looking for a new base in 2023, WeWork Soho - Medius House offers a sophisticated workspace without compromising on comfort or style.

WeWork Aldwych House

WeWork aldwych house offices london

Imagine finding yourself in the industrious heart of Aldwych, stepping into an office space at Aldwych House that coincidentally marries modern amenities with impressive historical interiors.

You'd be stepping into a long history dating back to Anglo-Saxon times, surrounded by iconic buildings such as the Novello Theatre and Bush House.

The WeWork offices at Aldwych House offer serviced offices that have character and are equipped with all the facilities you need for productivity.

Thanks to their up-to-date technology, the refurbished suites are brimming with innovation and efficiency. Admire the blend of old-world charm and contemporary innovation while you work, creating a unique atmosphere that's inspiring and conducive to progress.

It's more than just an office; it's your gateway to London's vibrant history and dynamic future.

WeWork Holborn - Aviation House

WeWork aviation house office space in Holborn

Taking flight in productivity and creativity is guaranteed at the Holborn – Aviation House. Nestled between the bustling West End and the City, this WeWork location in London's Midtown offers you competitively priced serviced office space that is tailored to your needs.

Businesses favour this area for its proximity to major transport links like Holborn and Chancery Lane. And after work? You're spoilt for choice, with international cuisine restaurants and trendy bars on your doorstep. The culturally diverse atmosphere here makes it a vibrant place to bring clients, attract employees, or inspire your daily grind.

Whether expanding or starting out, WeWork Holborn - Aviation House gives you Central London benefits with a unique mix of business and leisure amenities.

WeWork Tower Bridge

wework tower bridge coworking offices london

Positioned in the heart of Southwark, the serviced office at Tower Bridge offers you an exceptional experience with its proximity to iconic landmarks and booming business hubs.

Imagine working within a stone's throw from Tower Bridge, symbolising London's rich history and architectural prowess. This WeWork location doesn't just promise an address in one of London's emerging business districts; it also places you amidst the vibrant mix of culture and commerce that defines Southwark.

Here, square footage varies, accommodating teams big and small while maintaining that familiar WeWork charm and functionality. With ongoing expansions like One Blackfriars Tower and other nearby developments, this location promises growth potential for your business.

Plus, you're never far from attractions like Big Ben or St Paul's Cathedral for those much-needed breathers between meetings.

WeWork Waterhouse Square

wework waterhouse square in holborn coworking space

In the heart of London's Midtown, your business could thrive at Waterhouse Square. This serviced office space caters to your professional needs while offering an array of amenities sure to appeal to your team and clients.

This prime location in Holborn is within a stone's throw of Chancery Lane, placing you in the mix with major transport links.

At WeWork Waterhouse Square, you'll find competitive pricing for diverse square-foot spaces that accommodate businesses large and small. Furthermore, the locale boasts popular bars and restaurants serving international cuisine alongside varied entertainment options.

As one of our top 12 favourite WeWork offices in London for 2023, Waterhouse Square is a premier choice for those seeking function and appeal.

WeWork Old Street

wework offices in old street london

You'll be rubbing shoulders with the tech whizz-kids and startup savants when you set up shop at Old Street, also known as Silicon Roundabout. This WeWork location enjoys its place in one of London's most sought-after areas for tech companies.

Its proximity to the City ensures excellent transport links, making it highly convenient for your team and clients.

The office space mirrors Old Street's innovative spirit, offering a creative environment that breeds fresh ideas. With trendy bars and restaurants just around the corner, you have ample options for after-work unwinding or client meetings.

In this buzzing innovation hub, the WeWork Old Street office encapsulates what modern London business is about - creativity, connectivity, and convenience.

WeWork Office - Senna Building

wework offices in senna building shoreditch

Moving on from the hustle and bustle of Old Street, let's look at another gem in East London - WeWork Senna Building.

Nestled in Gorsuch Place, this serviced office offers more than just a workspace. It's part of a cultural hub that thrives amidst the diversity of East London's districts from Shoreditch to Canary Wharf.

The area has seen extensive regeneration since the 2012 Olympics, making it an affordable and attractive business location. You'll find everything you need around; banks, eateries, parks - even Victoria Park is within reach!

More than convenience, you'll appreciate the rich history of this locale, which was once a WWII target due to its vital docks.

Experience work-life integration like no other here at WeWork Senna Building.

WeWork York Way - Kings Cross

wework offices in york way kingscross london

Can't help but marvel at the buzzing energy of Kings Cross, where the stunning WeWork serviced office is nestled amidst a blend of trendy bars, restaurants, and iconic businesses.

The location on York Way is a testament to the area's vibrant regeneration in the last decade. This isn't just any office space; you're joining an environment enriched by diverse businesses, including big names like Google and Louis Vuitton.

Your lunch breaks could see you at Coal Shed or German Gymnasium, enjoying international cuisines while networking with fellow professionals.

Victorian architecture harmoniously coexists with modern design elements within this WeWork hub. And remember the exceptional transport links via St Pancras International, making commuting a breeze.

Renting here isn't just wise; it's an investment in your future success.

WeWork Merchant Square

wework merchant square coworking offices to rent

Imagine stepping into a stylish, serviced office in Merchant Square, a hub of creativity and innovation quickly becoming Paddington's crown jewel. You'll be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of London's central point, yet tucked away in an oasis of calm with green spaces and tranquil canals nearby.

As you look out from your modern, glass-fronted workspace, you'll spot swanky flats and towering offices housing big names like EE and AstraZeneca. At WeWork Merchant Square, they offer not just premium office space but also strong transport links thanks to its proximity to the grand Paddington railway station.

With the constant regeneration adding new developments around them, this is a spot that's as exciting for businesses as it is for residents. This could be your perfect work home.

WeWork The Monument

wework the monument modern coworking offices to rent in london

As you settle into your new serviced office at The Monument, you'll be captivated by the panoramic skyline views of the historic City of London. You're in the heart of EC3M, surrounded by a rich tapestry of history and modern urban hustle. This WeWork location oozes prestige and sophistication, making it a perfect match for ambitious businesses.

The square foot size may vary here, but each space is designed with finesse - think open-plan layouts, chic furniture, and high-speed internet for seamless operations. There's room to stretch out during brainstorming sessions or cosier corners for those one-to-one chats.

Finding your way here is easy too. Just follow the directions provided, and in no time, you'll be stepping into an environment that inspires productivity like no other.

Welcome to WeWork The Monument!

WeWork Waterloo - The largest office

waterloo wework offices in london for coworking

Waterloo's bustling business scene is home to the largest Wework office, offering a vibrant mix of thriving enterprises and eclectic cultural surroundings. Set in the heart of Lambeth borough, just east of Charing Cross, this location boasts an impressive layout adaptable to any business needs.

Imagine working across the river from Westminster, surrounded by leading businesses such as Shell.

With thousands of tourists drawn to nearby attractions like BFI IMAX Cinema and Tate Modern, your business will benefit from a dynamic environment that sparks creativity. Enjoy access to one of London's busiest stations providing national links—a major plus for companies seeking excellent transport connections.

Whether you need serviced or traditional office space, WeWork Waterloo is a prime choice in 2023 due to its size and strategic location.

WeWork Canary Wharf Offices

wework offices in canary wharf to rent

Nestled within the iconic skyline of Canary Wharf, Churchill Place's serviced office space offers a prestigious address and an unbeatable array of amenities. The location is prime.

You'll find yourself in the heart of London's bustling financial district, surrounded by global corporations, luxury retail outlets, and top-notch dining options.

Stepping into this WeWork space, you're greeted with sleek interiors that seamlessly blend modern design with comfort. Light-filled lounges invite collaboration, while private offices cater to your team's productivity.

Need a break? Savour panoramic views from the rooftop terrace or re-energise at the onsite gym.

As for connectivity, it's second to none with multiple transport links nearby – including Canary Wharf tube station just a stone's throw away.

At WeWork Canary Wharf, work-life balance has never looked so stylish!


You've journeyed with us through London's finest WeWork spaces, from the bustling energy of Soho's Medius House to the serene waterfront views at Canary Wharf.

You've seen it all – green roofs, stunning architecture, and even London's largest office in Waterloo!

It's clear as a bell that this city is brimming with creative workspaces designed to inspire and energise.

Now, it's your turn to find your perfect fit among these gems!