How to Ensure A Landlord Rents Their Space to Your Business/Company

The process of finding that perfect office for your business with an ideal location is already difficult, but what comes after is the actual hard part. How do you make sure that the landlord rents their space to your business or company?

When you are looking to rent an office space in a cosmopolitan city like London, where good rentals tend to come and go fast, how do you compete against other renters that are interested in the same vacancy?

They say that that having clean rental history along with good credit scores are two of the most important factors that help convince a landlord to give you preference over others, but that’s not the case.

Make your rental application stand out but considering the following:

Submit A Complete Application

If there’s one thing that landlords dislike, it’s incomplete applications. In this day and age, no one has the time to scour through hundreds of rental applications, especially not the incomplete ones.

Do your homework and know exactly what documents you need to provide to the prospective landlord.

Gather all the essential documents beforehand and submit your application as soon as you can.

Know Your Credit Score and History

Every landlord wants the assurance that they will get their rent on time each month. A common way or tool that they use to assess your credibility in that regard is through your credit score and history.

If you have a good, impressive credit history, any landlord is likely to consider you over potential renters because it gives them the confidence that you are a trustworthy tenant that will pay on time.

It is best to pull your credit report before undergoing the renting process so that if there are any errors or issues with your credit history or score, you can correct them in time.

Have Your Previous Landlord Vouch for You

If you’ve had a history of renting offices in central London, for instance, your future landlord is likely to run a few background checks on you before you both seal the deal. Some of these checkpoints include a rental background check, proof of income, and credit check, among many others.

To pass all these checkpoints successfully, you can get your previous landlord to vouch for you. They might be able to put in a good word for you and assure the prospective landlord that you are a good, reliable tenant. Doing this can be particularly handy if your rental history isn’t that convincing.

Be Professional At All Times

There’s a difference between renting a space for living and renting one for your business or company. The latter requires you to be quick, professional and thorough. Especially if your existing lease is ending and you want to speed up the process of renting a new office space at the earliest.

The key is to be professional, exude confidence and show the landlord how serious you are about renting their space.

Final Word

Renting an office space doesn’t have to be a tough journey if you fulfil all the rental requirements of the landlord.

If you have trouble finding rental offices in London, you can reach out to us, and we’ll help you procure the best deal for your company or business.

Get in touch with our team and allow us to help you rent the perfect office space.