How to Give a Warm Welcome to Your Employees After COVID-19

With so many businesses and companies in the UK and all over the world resuming their operations from offices, who knew returning back to work would sound like an absolute treat to the ears?

As ironic as it is, the majority of people are really excited to return to their desks and are really happy at the prospect of working from offices instead of home.

Although things aren’t exactly going to be the same as before, given the social distancing plus health and safety protocols, it’s still going to be quite a fresh, new experience after having worked from home for so many months.

As an employer, it is important that you give a warm welcome to your employees in order to give them a fresh start and help them start this experience with optimism and confidence.

Here are a few things you can do to welcome your employees back to the workplace as well as to ease the transition process for them.

Send Out a Welcome Back Email

First things first, it is essential that you draft a nice, happy, and positive ‘welcome back’ email and send it out to your entire team.

This email should feature a mix of funny, serious, and informative so that it gives your employees a good start and also makes them excited to return to work. You also need to mention the new and updated rules and protocols that will be followed at the workplace so that every person knows what to expect when they come back the first day after COViD-19.

Health and Safety Upgrades In the Office Space

Given the working situation during this pandemic, you must install proper health and safety upgrades in your office space before your employees come back. This includes things like sanitizers on each desk, proper access to hand-washing products, automatic doors to limit the use of hands, the supply of masks for employees, and distanced seating arrangements, to name a few.

This won’t just give them a warm welcome, but will also help reassure them that you care about your employees’ health and safety.

Welcome Back Gifts

While this might sound a little overboard to a lot of people, but welcome back gifts are actually a great idea to give them the much-needed warm welcome that your employees truly deserve. It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy but could be something simple to use as a token of appreciation.

A few ideas include flower bouquets, welcome back T-shirts with your company logo on them, a care package featuring hand sanitizers, tissues, mints, or customized coffee mugs, to name a few.

You could even simply leave a thank-you card on every employee’s desk, thanking them for their hard work and appreciating the level of determination and support that they displayed during these difficult times.

A New Office Space!

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate welcome of all times?

Many companies that have resumed offices have made design changes in their current office spaces while a few have completely moved to new offices. If you’ve been thinking about moving your operations to a new serviced office, perhaps, you could use that as a way to welcome your employees back to work!

Final Word

All the best with returning to your workplace!

If you happen to be considering a change of office either to enable easier social distancing or to get a more personal office space for your team, please get in touch with our helpful team who will search for the right office to suit your needs.