How to Keep Your Employees Motivated and Productive

Working from home is on the rise and business and organisations are evolving to accommodate this new working culture, but how do you keep employees motivated and productive?

Firstly, create a functional working environment to keep operations running smoothly with a proper remote working system installed. The next big hurdle is how to maintain and increase employee productivity and motivation?

Increase Participation through Face to Face Engagement

Working remotely doesn’t mean you can’t talk to your employees face to face. Thanks to video applications like Zoom, Skype and Teams, you can easily set up video chat meetings with your employees and increase participation through face to face engagement.

These sessions don’t have to be about work. They could include casual conversations now, and then, feedback about work, questions and answers, performance reviews, or discussions about future work prospects, for instance.

Sending Encouraging Emails to Employees Regularly

Often, a mere few words of encouragement can make someone’s day and uplift their spirits. As a boss or supervisor, you can help your employees by sending them encouraging emails regularly.

It could be a weekly email blast with a few motivational sayings that you sent to the entire team, or they could be personalised messages highlighting their work or roles and how important their presence is for the business or the company.

Offer Access to Psychological Help

It is not uncommon to hear about employees experiencing anxiety and stress-related issues.  It is important to recognise when your employee is struggling so that you can find ways to help them stay positive and motivated to ensure their work doesn’t suffer.

You can offer them access to psychological help such as online platforms or helplines where they can speak to mental health professionals and find a way to stay optimistic during these difficult times.

Rewards and Incentives for Their Hard Work

Many businesses and companies have increased the workload of their employees to pick up the pace. However, that is likely to affect their motivation, especially if there is no incentive to work harder.

Why not look into rewards and recognitions as a way to thank your employees for their hard work and extra efforts. The rewards could be anything from a monetary increment to a gift card to a meal voucher. You could even turn into a competition to motivate your employees.

These are just a few ways through which you can motivate your employees and get them to work diligently.

Employee productivity and motivation should be your top concern if you want your business to thrive and stay on the top of its game.

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