Office for…. one?

As the Coronavirus Pandemic sweeps the UK, individuals, business owners and companies are struggling to adapt to the office space needed to remain operational.

It’s been a long time since we were inundated with requests for single person offices but in a rapid reaction to the current situation, that’s exactly what appears to be happening now.

Short term and flexible agreements on single office space requirements outside of London have shot up as professionals are trying to find workspaces which do not require travel on public transport and provide a safe distance between colleagues.

The last few years have very much been about the massive growth in coworking spaces. Fast forward to the current situation and everyone wants to do the opposite. At present we are able to meet these demands as we have office space all over the UK, but it does beg the question – is this the face of things to come?

In the wake of the aftermath of the Coronavirus (whenever that may be) will businesses revert to a more segregated approach to office space to protect them from future outbreaks or challenges?
Many business owners’ Continuity Plans are hastily being put through their paces, and working from home during these difficult times is the answer for many businesses. We are all in uncharted waters and no one can accurately predict what happens next.

One thing is for sure. For now, the flexi-term single person office requirement is back.