The Advantages of Renting Office Space in London

London has long been the economic hub of the UK, responsible for approximately one-quarter of the entirety of the UK’s economic activity. There has been massive investment across other parts of the country, such as in Birmingham, but London remains a top option for businesses for many reasons. 

If you’re looking at office space to rent in London but are unsure whether or not it’s worth it, here are some of the top advantages you can benefit from if you do choose to rent an office in the capital. 

More Choice for Office Space 

London is, by definition, the biggest city in the UK, and it continues to undergo investment to expand, especially in its economic and commercial areas. There are over 279 million square feet of office real estate already built, with more being added every single day. This means London has the biggest selection of corporate space for you to choose from, making it far more likely that you’ll find the best fit for your business in the city compared to other UK locations. 

We know that an office is more than just four walls with desks and computers in it, and that’s why we approach finding our clients an office to rent in London the same as an estate agent would treat finding a house for a buyer. An office needs to be in a suitable location for both employees and clients, it needs to have ample work and storage space, not to mention break out space, and there needs to be room for businesses to grow and adapt without having to move every six months. Add on to that list the price point, and it’s clear to see that there is a lot to be considered. 

With so much commercial real estate, the likelihood of you finding the perfect office in London that ticks all your boxes without compromise is much higher than in the rest of the UK. 

Wider Talent Pool 

Not only is there more square footage for you to choose from, but there are also more job candidates, too. As the UK’s largest city, London has the biggest concentrated population in the country, and that’s before the surrounding areas are taken into account. As a small business and potential employer, this means you’ll have access to the biggest talent pool in Britain, allowing you to recruit the top talent to represent your business and help propel you to the top. 

Easily Accessible for Everyone 

Even if you’re a small business, there’s a good chance you will have international connections, not to mention other UK connections. Business meetings are a part of life, be it with clients, suppliers, or even other businesses for potential collaboration. This means you need to be in a location where people can easily get to you, and there’s no easier place to access than London. 

There are 270 tube stations, 675 bus routes, six airports, and 12 major railway stations that connect the capital to the rest of the country – and two others in the way of Brussels and Paris! Pair these with the seemingly endless number of roads, and it’s clear to see that no matter where your guests might be coming from, they can get to you with ease. 

Diverse Culture 

There’s no denying that with so many people and such expansive connections to the rest of the world, London is the most diverse city in the UK. As a business, there is so much to be learned from observing and interacting with other businesses and people from different backgrounds. Not only will you learn a lot along the way, but you can take advantage of invaluable networking opportunities to help you grow your business and break into new markets.

London has lots of different districts, so depending on your sector, certain areas may benefit you more. For example, if you’re a media company, looking at offices to rent in West London may be beneficial. On the other hand, central London is the place to be for business and investment companies. These clusters create a diverse network for you to mingle and build connections with. 

Away from the business side of things, there’s so much for you and your team to get up to when you choose to rent an office space in London. From team lunches out to after-work drinks and team building events, everyone can benefit from the endless activities and things to do in London. After all, it’s important to carefully balance work and play in order to get the most out of your team. 

Find an Office to Rent in London

The prospect of finding an office to rent in London can seem daunting. Let Future Squared take away all the hassle. Get in touch with our team, discuss your needs with us and sit back whilst we work to find you the best office in London for your needs.