The Benefits of Renting Office Space in Sought-After Cities

In the current climate, the price of real estate is extremely expensive, and it is only increasing, therefore purchasing office space is not always a viable option, making renting a suitable alternative. 

Furthermore, owning a property can, at times, be a real burden; the setting up, operating, and maintaining of an office can be difficult and expensive. As well as this, you will need to invest in the setup of equipment such as phone lines, internet, and furniture. In a rented working space, these features are handled for you. 

Additionally, businesses are often greatly affected by unforeseen circumstances. Your business may grow over a few months, meaning you will need to upgrade your office space in order to accommodate a larger team. On the other hand, your business may be facing difficulty and you may have to downsize to adapt to a smaller budget. Either way, you are never tied to a rented space for too long. 

If you want the hassle-free life of rented business space, then Future Squared has the solution for you.

Office Space London

We currently have roughly 1075 office spaces in and around the capital. As the 5th most expensive city to live in, in the world, purchasing property is not a feasible option for many businesses. Prices to rent out office space in London start from as little as £420pcm, making this a more than affordable alternative to buying an office space. 

Basing your company in London is a great way to boost your professionalism as it is an epicentre of business. Virtually all of the world’s largest companies have a presence in the big smoke and joining this elite group will be greatly beneficial to your business in terms of networking.

As well as this, salaries in London are significantly higher than anywhere else in the UK which will make the opportunity more appealing to employees. Similarly, the transport links are efficient and easy to navigate, making a car unnecessary for the commute. 

Excitingly, your rented business space could be surrounded by history from the Tower of London to St Paul’s Cathedral. Your nearest relaxing lunch spot could be from the likes of Hyde Park or Richmond Park. Every commute would be an adventure for business owners and employees alike. 

Office Space Manchester

Presently, we have about 25 office spaces ready to rent in and around Manchester, with prices starting from as little as £125pcm. Though it is not quite as bustling as London, Manchester is still a large UK city with all the benefits of such attached to it. One thing that differs from London is the low cost of renting which is great for anyone looking to rent office space. Manchester is still rich with job opportunities, and you might benefit your business elsewhere from the money saved on rent.

Furthermore, Manchester is a great city for foodies, providing you and your employees with a smorgasbord of great lunch spots. Similarly, you will be able to experience the northern charm of Mancunians who are keen to engage in conversation. 

Office Space Birmingham

As of now, we have around 15 working spaces on offer in and around Birmingham, with prices starting from as little as £125pcm. Like Manchester, the cost of renting in Birmingham is relatively cheap, allowing you to invest the money that you save in other areas of your business. 

Additionally, the job market is in no way limited, making it another great contender for the base of your business. Birmingham is also currently being defined as an “up and coming” city; this will help display your business’s growth. Much like London, Birmingham has some impressive infrastructure, making for an aesthetically pleasing adventure on the commute to work. 

Office Space Bristol

At present, we have approximately 14 working spaces available for rent in and around Bristol, with prices starting from £155pcm. Bristol is a city of art, culture, and historical monuments, adding it to the list of aesthetically beautiful areas to work and commute in. However, this is not its only perk; it is also abundant in career opportunities, making it a great area to kickstart a business. 

In addition, the transport links are great, making for an easy daily commute. Furthermore, the region is famous for its delicacies, making it a great spot to grab a bite at lunchtime.

Office Space Glasgow

We currently have around seven office spaces ready to rent in and around Glasgow, with prices starting from £207pcm. The cost of rent in Glasgow is thought to be very affordable which would be greatly beneficial to the establishment of your business. Additionally, there are multiple modes of public transport on offer, giving the commuter a range of choices. 

Speaking of the commute, Glasgow is amazingly scenic with lots of green spaces, making for a relaxing commute and offering tranquil outdoor lunch spots for employees. 

Office Space Leeds

Presently, we have roughly 24 office spaces in and around Leeds up for grabs, with prices starting from £134pcm.

Leeds is thought to be a great place to kickstart a business and is very spacious without being overly populated. Additionally, it is a relatively safe city which will make both you and your employees feel secure. For the environmentally conscious, Leeds is praised for its air quality. 

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These locations are just a few of the many cities that we have on offer, with more office space in Salford, Edinburgh, Nottingham, and many more. As brokers, we offer a free-of-charge service and handle everything for you, making the renting process and signing a tenancy even easier. You don't need to worry about anything, and that includes negotiations and maintenance. 

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