The Future Work Approach of Business Post COVID-19 Appears to Be ‘Hybrid’

The current global pandemic has affected businesses and companies of all sizes. While the trend of remote working has increased, not everyone can work remotely.

With businesses in the UK pushing workers and employees to resume work from the office where it can be done so safely, it’s essential to come up with viable solutions and methods to help companies move forward.

From the looks of it, the future work approach of most businesses post-COVID-19 appears to be ‘hybrid’ – the best of both worlds. In other words, combining office work with remote work.

What are the long term solutions to ensure that operations and functions continue to run smoothly and efficiently?

A Flexible Work Culture

The liberty to choose between working from home and working from office seems to be a great appealing factor for employees. It’s the ultimate flexibility offered by the hybrid work culture because they get to decide where they work. Some employees perform better when working at home, while others prefer a formal setting in an office space.

Furthermore, it’s also the timing of work that matters. For instance, some people are particularly productive during the night time while others manage to get more work done during the day. Keeping this in mind, a hybrid working model is likely to promote great flexibility for workers, and the fact that they get to choose is a great motivational boost.

Increased Productivity and Wellbeing

This is directly linked to the flexibility aspect of a hybrid work culture because when employees are given the freedom to choose their work location, it is likely to increase productivity, wellness, and overall wellbeing.

It is also important to note here that not every employee will have the appropriate means to create a working environment at home. Similarly, it’s not practical for every employee to go to the office and spend so many hours just on their commute.

So, it’s a win-win scenario for both the employees and employers.

Social Distancing At Its Best

Needless to stay, social distancing is the ‘new normal’, and employers need to be particularly mindful of that.

A hybrid work culture is a great way to promote social distancing at the office space because there will be lesser people present in the office. This allows them to follow the ‘2-metres social distancing’ rule as required by the Standard Operating Procedures being adopted during the pandemic.

More than that, it helps prevent the risk of coronavirus spreading from one person to the other, so it seems like the hybrid approach might benefit everyone in some ways or the other.

We wish you all the best as you return to your workplace!

If, like many other people, you are considering a change of office either to enable easier social distancing, be closer to home, or to get more personal space – please get in touch with our helpful team who will search for the right office to suit your needs.