Thinking of moving offices soon?

Thinking of moving offices soon? Start to think how you can save money and optimise the space by leasing a Serviced Office.

No one likes working in cramped and claustrophobic conditions, and in fact these can be quite dangerous, so space optimisation is key to comfort. Creating the perfect office space will keep it looking nice and you will also feel more productive as the day progresses.

Serviced Offices have become very popular for a variety of reasons.

• They are economical, saving you money – you only pay for space and services you need.
• They provide the very best comfortable work conditions for you and your employees.
• They are clean and safe.
• You have NO maintenance bills to worry about – anything that goes wrong is dealt with quickly and
efficiently by someone else.
• You are not tied into long leases.

Maximise storage – Despite most offices now switching to digital files, we know you still have a load of paperwork, books and other materials. Don’t let this litter your desk. Handy wall storage will keep items safe and organised allowing you some space to breathe and work – Serviced Office have room for this and it is often provided free of charge.

What’s to hand? – How your desk is laid out can mean the difference between having back pain or not. Keep important items close to hand, this can make a huge difference. Your computer monitor should always be in the centre of your desk and level with your eye line. Any other frequently used items should be within easy reach so no stretching is required – Serviced Office desks layout allows for this comfort.

Create a welcome space – First impressions count. Don’t leave clients hanging around by the door; instead provide them with a welcoming reception or seating area. Comfy chairs, some reading material and the offer of a beverage will make that wait fly by – Serviced Office provide an area for this, some with receptionist as well.

Freshen up – Office layout is important, if it is stuffy or the wrong temperature, productivity can take a tumble. Make sure there is ample airflow by opening windows or fitting an air con system, and make sure to have heating for the winter – Serviced Office are temperature sensitive to outside conditions.

Keep wires tidy – With computers and peripherals, you are bound to have wires stretching around the room. Keep these wires tidy using cable accessories in order to avoid wear and tear or accidents. Make your office a safe place to work avoid tripping hazards, keep walkways clear – Serviced Office generally have cable ducts and WiFi.

Declutter – So, before you make your move to your new office space, get sorting! A major declutter will highlight items you can do without, taking up space and collecting dust. Clutter can undermine motivation and productivity.

Call Justin or Perry on 0203 950 0797 or visit – – see for yourself see how much you can save and enhance your working environment and experience.