UK Businesses Pushing for Return for Office Workers – How to Ensure Safety at Your Workplace

The government has expressed its concerns for the British economy following the impact of the pandemic. It is encouraging people to return to work where they can do so safely.

What can you do to make the workplace safe for your employees?

Ensure the Safety of the Workplace

Slowly and gradually increase the number of employees coming into the office. Many businesses are now encouraging their employees to split their working time between the office and working from home.

Employers must apply certain Standard Operating Procedures and rules with regards to the requirements of the pandemic.

So, how does one go about addressing these standards?

Separate Workstations

Businesses in the UK have different types of layouts and designs in place. Where some follow a team-based layout, others resort to low-partition office layout, to name a few.

Regardless of what design you follow, the need of the hour calls for separate workstations.

Social distancing is one of the key requirements of the ongoing global pandemic.

Separate workstations are very important for offices right now as it ensures that all employees are at least 6 feet apart from each other.

Sanitisers and Disinfectants

A simple way to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the workplace is regularly using disinfectants and sanitisers. Workspaces need to be cleaned thoroughly, including desks, surfaces, chairs, keyboards, telephones, and other such objects.

Doing this will greatly help reduce the risk of contamination and also keep the space clean and healthy.

Temporary Barriers

Numerous restaurants and shops have installed temporary barriers such as plexiglass shields to prevent contamination and spread of the coronavirus. Interestingly, the demand for this product, along with other types of plastic barriers, has skyrocketed ever since the virus has escalated.

Considering how there’s a need for offices and businesses to resume operations from the workplace, installing temporary barriers like these is a great way to minimise contamination.

Quick Solution for Renters

Businesses that operate in rented office spaces have also borne the brunt of the consequences of the pandemic.

If your lease is almost about to end, don’t fret, we can easily find a new office space at the earliest.

Get in touch with our team who will strive to do their best to explore the most cost-effective options available to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a serviced office or managed office space, we will negotiate the best deal that works for you during such tough times.