Wework Start Closing Offices in London

You've seen WeWork's rise and fall, now they're closing offices worldwide. As their shares dip, you're questioning their future. Will they bounce back or will WeWork go bankrupt in 2023?

We're delving into this saga, exploring which locations are shutting down, the impact on tenants, and what's next for this co-working titan.

Which WeWork offices are closing?

As you navigate the uncertainty surrounding WeWork's financial struggles, it's crucial to know that specific office closures haven't been publicly confirmed yet, but it's clear that unprofitable sites worldwide, including WeWork Blackfriars in London and given tenants have been given 30 days' notice to vacate its offices at 133 Houndsditch in the City of London. This move is part of a larger effort to improve liquidity and stabilise the company's shaky financial footing.

These closures are a direct result of challenges faced by WeWork in lease negotiations. With its business model of taking long-term leases and renting them short-term, the company's rapid expansion and increasing interest rates have taken a toll. As a result, it's found itself needing to renegotiate leases globally, further complicating its financial outlook.

What will happen to WeWork tenants if offices close?

You might be wondering, what happens to WeWork's tenants if their offices close?

Well, the reality is they'll likely be evicted.

In the wake of WeWork's office closures, it's critical for you to understand what'll happen to your workspace, especially in terms of eviction. If WeWork shuts down your office, you'll likely face tenant relocation. While this might upset your operations momentarily, it's a necessary step for WeWork to stabilise its financial situation.

This can also impact local businesses that rely on the foot traffic generated by WeWork's presence. You might want to start considering alternative coworking spaces to avoid disruption to your work. It's a tough situation, but being prepared and proactive can help you navigate this change.

What should evicted tenants do?

Facing eviction from WeWork, it's crucial for you to start planning your next office move to avoid further disruption. The impact on businesses can be significant, especially if you're not prepared. Finding alternative office space in a timely manner should be your top priority.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of available offices in London, providing an array of options for your business.

Assistance for evicted tenants is available. Brokers like Future Squared specialise in helping businesses find new office spaces quickly. They understand the urgency of your situation and are equipped to provide the support you need. What's more, Future Squared is offering a discount specifically for tenants evicted by WeWork. Please make contact if you need a new office space in the City of London and take advantage of their generous offer.

Remember, this is a free service offered to evicted WeWork tenants. It's an opportunity to minimise the disruption to your business operations and ensure a smooth transition to your new office space.

Even in the face of eviction, there are resources and options available to you. Make full use of them to protect your business and employees.

How to cancel your WeWork lease?

Amid these challenging circumstances, it's essential to know how to proceed with cancelling your WeWork tenancy should the need arise. Given the recent news of WeWork offices closing and its possible bankruptcy, the urgency of finding an alternative workspace is more pressing than ever.

To cancel your WeWork tenancy, simply submit a request at help@wework.com or cancel on the app. Ensure to provide your account details and the reason for the cancellation. The team at WeWork should process your request promptly.

In light of these events, it's vital to consider your options carefully. You might need to look for alternative workspaces and negotiate new leases. Amid the chaos, ensure you're taking the necessary steps to safeguard your business's future.


As WeWork begins shutting down locations, you're probably wondering what's next. If you're a tenant, it's time to explore alternatives. If you're considering cancelling your tenancy, it's easier than you think.

But can WeWork bounce back from this setback? Only time will tell. Remember, in the dynamic world of business, resilience is key.