What are the Advantages of Your Team Working in an Office?

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in many of us working from home for months on end. A lot of businesses have found working from home to be more cost-effective and so have maintained this way of working. Despite this, it cannot be denied that working in an office environment has serious advantages that cannot be replicated by working from home. 

Not only does physically having to come to the office boost productivity, but it also lifts employee morale. Being able to socialise whilst maintaining a regular routine is a great way to benefit one’s mental health. Employee wellbeing is of the utmost importance and an office environment is the best place to facilitate this, but what other benefits are there to working in the office?

Punctuality and Routine

In a physical office, employees have a set start time, lunchtime, and finish time. Although these are possible to put in place whilst working from home, it is a lot more difficult to adhere to them. One’s own home presents many distractions, and employees will often find themselves thinking about something unrelated to work. However, we associate the office solely with work, and we are less likely to worry ourselves with things that are outside of our professional capacity. 

Communication and Behaviour

Being well socialised is crucial in any working environment regardless of the field. When working from home, you will find that employees are not interacting with others to the same degree. Not only could this be damaging to the fluidity in which the company operates, but humans are much happier and more productive when subjected to a social space. 


Being in the office solidifies the purpose of what an employee is doing; it is much more challenging to self-motivate in the comfort of one’s own home. Watching others work is a great form of positive peer pressure that drives the competitive streak within us. Healthy competition is a great way to ensure the most positive results. 

Teamwork and Leadership Development

Having a physical team around us allows us to establish roles more solidly in the team. This enhances the effectiveness of teamwork whilst allowing others to develop crucial leadership skills. Working from home is slightly too reliant on the self which causes the strength of a team to dwindle. 

Separating Employees’ Personal and Professional Lives

Working from home integrates an employee’s personal and professional life which does not present a healthy balance. Everyone needs to be able to leave their personal lives at home and their professional lives at work. When the home doubles as an office, this becomes a problem. With the correct balance, the office can be an escape from the tensions someone is experiencing at home, whilst the home can be a release from the stresses of work.


It is human nature to be conscious of how others perceive you; therefore, we make more effort to present ourselves in an office environment. This applies to both our physical appearance and our mannerisms. Furthermore, if we are confident in the way that we look, this confidence translates to how we carry out tasks. Confidence in our appearance results in confidence in our job performance which is greatly beneficial to the company.

Managerial Skill Learning

Managerial skills are an extremely difficult thing to master, and this is made even harder when separated from the rest of the team. When working in an office, employees must talk to seniors, make projects, prepare presentations, and attend meetings. These encounters are all crucial to the development of a good manager, but in the absence of a physical office space, it makes it harder for employees to advance in their careers. 

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