What to wear to work in different areas of London

In the modern workplace, people are taking a more casual approach to the way they dress for work. There has been a distinct trend towards a more relaxed and informal style of clothing in the office, not just on ‘dress down Fridays’, which suits the majority of brands.

But wherever you work, what you wear is still a big consideration. Even when there’s no formal dress code, people still want to fit in, and in serviced offices in London, you will typically see staff dressing in a similar way.

When it comes to running your own company or if you’re based in co-working spaces, you’ll want to find an office environment that reflects the nature and style of your business. Like-minded people – and companies – congregate where they feel most comfortable. And with different areas of London attracting different types of companies, what people wear in those areas clearly reflects this.

Shoreditch / Hoxton

Shoreditch and Hoxton are renowned for their hipster credentials, but beards and outlandish moustaches are not necessary to fit in! It’s a casual area, but the focus tends to be on wearing clothes that are vintage or sustainable rather than anything from the big fast-fashion chain stores.


Soho is an area where you’ll find a lot of media companies. It’s jam-packed full of cafés, bars and restaurants and has a very lively vibe. When it comes to working there, you’re most likely to be attached to media and post-production companies. Outfits based around jeans are probably the safest option – but with such a creative atmosphere, this is an area where office workers often don’t follow the crowd, style-wise!

The City

With so many banks and large corporations in the City of London, it’s unsurprising that people dress more formally in this area. Smart business suits are the order of the day, and many men will be required to wear ties, especially in meetings. If you want to play it safe, opt for smart, high quality, classic clothing.


Also known as ‘London’s Luxury Quarter’, Mayfair is full of investment companies, luxury shops and five-star hotels. People working here tend to dress affluently (or aim to give that impression!) and with immaculate attention to those luxurious details. This is an area where money talks, even if you’re making an effort to be understated!


Formerly a residential area famous for its literary connections, Bloomsbury is still a beautiful part of London. The buildings have retained their character, and there are still plenty of green squares where workers can relax at lunchtimes. The area is now popular with educational and tutorial companies, and a smart-casual wardrobe is the order of the day.