Why a flexible working space is best for start-ups

Owners of start-up companies have many plates they must keep spinning. They need to sell their products and services, but also must create a great impression on their customers and clients, as well as find a way of creating an effective work/life balance, and balance the books!

Flexible working space is a vitally important part of the mix. A professional atmosphere to work in is a must, and having an office to commute to is a massive help when it comes to motivation. Many people who base their start-up at home find there are too many domestic distractions, and they end up prioritising the washing up over earning a living. Many also find that, if they work for themselves and from home, family and friends consider them more accessible and are likely to call them for a chat or ask them for help, which they would never do with people working in a full-time job!

Room to expand

Uncertainty is one of the biggest worries facing a new start-up company, and whilst you’re building up a customer base and getting a good track record, you’re bound to experience periods of feast and famine. When you’ve got a lot of business, you’ll need to hire in extra help, but when times are fallow, your expenses must be kept to an absolute minimum. If you rent an office, then you’ll need to allow for enough space to house contract staff when you need them, which means that when you don’t need them, you’re paying way more money than you need. This is a problem with a very easy solution – look for flexible working space.

By renting serviced office space, you don’t have to take any risks. As soon as you need extra staff members to help you out, you can rent more office or desk space and only pay for what you need when you need it. After the busy period is over, you can stop paying for the extra space and revert to just having your own office. This enables your business to expand and contract without your company paying unnecessary bills.

Addressing the elephant in the room

Another reason to rent flexible working space is that most entrepreneurs do not want to use their home address on their website. Yet, when it comes to a company’s online presence, one of the key elements of building trust with customers is to publish your address and phone number.

Renting flexible working space makes perfect business sense.