What is a Business Park?

What is a Business Park?

Here at Future Squared we talk a lot about the benefits of renting office space in sought-after cities, but what if that's not the right choice for your business? Many business owners prefer to situate their teams outside the city centre where there's more space, greater access to nature, and the offer of lower rents.

Renting flexible office space in a business park is a great option for organisations that want to enjoy great facilities on a tighter budget, but what exactly is a business park and what are the advantages of renting space in one?

Business parks explained

Business parks, also referred to as office parks, are plots of land where multiple office buildings are grouped together. Usually located near major roads or public transport links, these developments are full of offices that house various companies. They are often in suburban areas outside of major cities and often have facilities such as gyms, cafeterias, and conference facilities that businesses can use.

Common amenities in business parks

Business parks are purpose-built to provide office space, so they often have great amenities and are designed with companies in mind. 

Meeting rooms and conferencing facilities

Business parks tend to have well-designed meeting rooms and facilities for video conferencing. Because they were purpose-built as commercial offices, buildings in these areas tend to have a good range of different sized meeting rooms and spaces. 

Nature and green spaces

Some of these places really put the park in business park! Built around lovely green spaces, some business parks even include ponds and nature trails. These provide a welcoming and peaceful space for employees and promote a healthy active lifestyle. 

Free parking

Many business parks are located near motorways and the primary method of getting to them is by car. For this reason, many office parks feature large free car parks that make it easier for people to park and get to work in the mornings. Compared to parking in the city or town centre, business parks make travelling by car a breeze. 

Public transport links

However, a car isn’t the only way of travelling to the office. Many business parks also have good transport links thanks to a bus stop or train station on the premises. 

Business parks vs business centres

Due to their similar names, there's some confusion about the difference between business parks and business centres. 

Business parks are areas that house many businesses and office buildings, usually located in the suburbs of major cities or in rural areas. 

In contrast, business centres are buildings usually found in urban locations that offer flexible workspaces that can be rented by businesses. Business centres often house coworking spaces, managed offices, or serviced offices. 

Benefits of renting office space in a business park

The benefits of renting an office situation in a business park are plentiful, but we’ve distilled these to their main advantages below:

More cost-effective than city centre offices

A major benefit of renting an office in a business park is that it can be more budget-friendly than equivalent offices in the city centre. With business parks, you can get more for your money: bigger spaces, nicer amenities such as gyms and breakout rooms, and more meeting rooms, for example. 

More space

Compared to in the city centre where every square foot of floor space is precious, business park offices provide more space. This means you don't have to cram your team into a too-small space to save money in the city centre -- business parks give your team space to grow.

Professional appearance

A business park can be a great location for your office space because of the professional image that it conveys. Locating your business in a purpose-built and modern business park can impress your clients and customers and provide a more prestigious image for your company.

Access to nature

Finally, business parks often have greater access to nature such as parks and lakes, providing more opportunities to relax or exercise outside than in the city centre. This can bring the benefits of a happier and healthier workforce who get more exercise and fresh air throughout the day.

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