What is a Serviced Office?

When it comes to renting an office space for your company, there are several different options you can choose from. The most standard option is to choose a serviced office, but what does that mean and what will you get when you choose to rent a serviced office space in London?

Serviced Offices

Here at Working Space London, we have a broad portfolio of serviced offices across the city ranging in size, facilities and budget. When you choose to rent a serviced office space, you can expect:

  • Fully serviced office space
  • License Agreements available based on length of stay
  • Furnished space complete with IT facilities and phone lines
  • Access to communal areas like breakout rooms, kitchens and toilet facilities

In addition to the above benefits, we can tailor your serviced office space directly to you through services like postal/mail management, front of house reception/secretarial support, and the option to rent out meeting rooms when needed.

Why Choose a Serviced Office?

With serviced offices, you only pay for the space you need. This makes them a great option for start-up businesses who may need to expand their space to accommodate growing staff numbers. Alternatively, with the move to a hybrid way of working and more businesses offering their employees the chance to work from home, serviced offices allow you to scale down your space to reflect a new way of working if this is something that your business is now doing.

Pair this flexibility with the ease of rolling contracts ranging from one month to 12 months typically, however, this can be renewed year on year, as well as the convenience of all inclusive bills, it’s clear to see why serviced offices are a popular option.

Serviced offices also offer the following benefits:

  • No need to buy furniture as it is already included
  • Minimum overheads as an all-in price make budgeting easier
  • No need to change your address if your company scales up scales down (provided there is room to expand/decrease in size within the same building)
  • Easy moving – minimal deposits and legal fees, options to move without references and short-term notice when needed
  • Maintained – no need to worry about your team cleaning or your space looking unprofessional and untidy

Serviced Offices vs Other Office Types 

If you’re unsure whether a serviced office is the right choice for you, we’ve put together some of the key differences between this type and others.

Semi-Serviced vs Fully Serviced

Semi-serviced and fully serviced offices are similar, but the main difference is that with semi-serviced options, you don’t have access to front of house staff and admin or secretarial support as you would with fully serviced.

Co-Working vs Fully Serviced 

Co-working spaces are more suited to freelancers and SME’s who only require one or a handful of desks. They are ideal for collaboration but are not designed to be a long-term base like fully serviced offices can be.

Managed vs Fully Serviced 

Unlike serviced offices, managed workspaces allow you to brand and bespoke the office to suit your brand and really tailor the space. They are more long-term due to their bespoke nature.

Choosing a Serviced Office

London is the economic hub of the UK and there are thousands upon thousands of serviced office spaces available to rent. As a business person, you likely don’t have the time to trawl through all the options to find the right one for you. If that’s the case, we can help.

Our expert team work with landlords and property managers across London. Simply get in touch with us, tell us your requirements and budgets, and we will browse our portfolio to find the most suitable working spaces in London. We will take into account the location, your budget and the way in which your team works.

For example, if your team work collaboratively, we will pick out open plan offices that best suit this working style. If you prefer to work in separate offices within one larger premises, we will take this into account when choosing suitable properties.

We will liaise directly with the landlord to arrange a viewing for you, and following a successful viewing, we will negotiate the best price we can, giving you a hassle-free experience that means you can focus directly on running your business whilst we handle the ins and outs of finding a serviced office.

Find a Serviced Office Space 

If your business is in need of a serviced office space, get in touch with us. We will discuss your requirements with you and determine what type of office space is best, be it a serviced office, a semi-serviced office, a co-working space or a managed office space.

Call us on 020 3950 0797 to find out more.