Semi-Serviced Office Space

Looking for a flexible and affordable office space? A semi-serviced office might be the perfect solution for you. Pay for only what you need with a flexible semi-serviced contract with options for access to services like telephone answering and cleaning, facilities like meeting rooms, and more. 

Future Squared can match you with your perfect semi-serviced office in any part of the UK. Whether you need a workspace in London, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton, or any other UK city, we can help you find the flexible office that works for you. 

What is Semi-Serviced Office Space?

A semi-serviced office is a middle ground between a traditional leased office and a serviced office. Their exact features vary between different providers, but in general semi-serviced offices are more flexible than your average serviced office, allowing you to pay only for the additional services you want. 

Serviced offices vs semi-serviced offices vs traditional offices

Serviced Office Spaces

Serviced office spaces are fully furnished and equipped office spaces that are maintained and run by a serviced office provider. Serviced offices often have communal kitchen facilities, break-out areas and meeting rooms. Services like cleaning, reception desks, security, and telephone answering are often included in an all-inclusive serviced office. Serviced offices usually have options for shorter and more flexible rent periods than traditional office leases. 

Traditional Office Leases

Traditional office leases are not furnished or equipped; your organisation will need to supply and install everything. They do not have any communal spaces or meeting rooms and the tenant is solely responsible for decoration, providing office furniture, maintenance, and bills for the office space. These tend to have very long rent periods, making them inaccessible for smaller businesses and new startups that need more flexibility.

Semi-Serviced Office Spaces

Semi-serviced offices are somewhere in between serviced offices and traditional office space. While they will often have some office furniture and equipment, there is more freedom for organisations to take care of this themselves. They tend not to have receptions, cleaning, security, or telephone answering included in the price, but these can often be added for an additional fee. Semi-serviced offices are usually available to rent for shorter periods than traditional leases. 

Is a Semi-Serviced Office Suitable for Me?

With a wide range of different workspace options available, semi-serviced offices can suit most businesses from new startups to SMEs. 

New businesses

For organisations that are just getting started, a semi-serviced space is the perfect option. If you want an office space but are not sure what kind of facilities and services you need, a semi-serviced workspace is a good starting point. This way, you can pay for additional services as and when you realise you need them, including at very short notice. It's ideal for businesses that are still figuring it all out. 

Growing startups

Not sure how many employees you'll have in 6 months? A year? Two years? Semi-serviced offices offer flexible contracts where you can rent the space for shorter amounts of time than a traditional office property. 

Client-facing businesses

If you want to impress clients with a professional and attractive office space, semi-serviced offices are a great option. Providing most of the basics such as broadband and desks, semi-serviced offices also allow your team to customise your space to reflect your brand. 

Project-based teams

Because semi-serviced workspaces are often available to rent for short and flexible terms, they're suitable for teams that need a space to work together on a project for a limited amount of time. Providing remote teams with a physical space for collaboration, semi-serviced offices are a budget-friendly option for project-based teams that offer more privacy than coworking spaces.

Why Choose Semi-Serviced Office Space?


With semi-serviced offices, you only pay for what you need. Not interested in telephone answering and mail sorting? Great, you don't have to pay for it. Need access to cleaners ASAP? That's easy to include. With semi-services office spaces only requiring your organisation to pay for the specific services you need in addition to the monthly cost, these are a cost-effective and budget-friendly option. 


With more flexibility than serviced offices, semi-serviced offices give your team more freedom to customise your space. 

Amazing locations

With cheaper prices and shorter leases than traditional offices, semi-serviced spaces make it possible to rent in sought-after areas such as London and other city centres. Enjoy premium locations in cultural hubs with great transport links at a fraction of the price for a traditional office lease. 

Find Your Perfect Semi-Serviced Office

With offices all around the UK, Future Squared can help you find the perfect space for your business' needs. We can match you with incredible office locations around the country, including locations such as:

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