What Will Coworking Look Like in The Future?

What Will Coworking Look Like in The Future?

After a dip during the pandemic, coworking has bounced back and is more popular than ever. By 2024, it is estimated that 5 million people will be working from coworking spaces worldwide, an increase of 158% from 2020 levels. 

No longer just the domain of freelancers and startups, coworking spaces are welcoming all types of people and businesses through their doors. As hybrid and flexible working become the norm for many around the globe, coworking spaces offer the ideal workspace for everyone from entrepreneurs to large companies. 

It’s clear that coworking is a rapidly growing and changing industry, so what can we expect from it in the future? Here are 7 predictions about the future of coworking. 

A rise in environmentally friendly coworking spaces

Eco-conscious and sustainable coworking offices are already on the rise and this trend looks set to continue in the future. As growing numbers of individuals and organisations become concerned about the high carbon emissions associated with commercial real estate, opting for a net zero or eco-friendly workspace is particularly desirable. 

In the UK, some coworking spaces are already focusing on sustainability. From running entirely on renewable energy, using eco-friendly building and cleaning materials, and even offering food made with local and sustainably sourced ingredients, the coworking space of the future will pride itself on its positive environmental impact. 

Over time, moving to an eco-friendly coworking space will likely become the best way for an organisation to boost its green credentials and reduce its environmental impact. Green features such as solar panels, composing, roof gardens, and bike storage will become key selling points for many coworking providers. 

Coworking and childcare combine

One of the most exciting current developments in the coworking industry is a rise in coworking spaces that offer childcare options. At their most basic, these family-friendly coworking spaces provide access to unsupervised children’s areas with toys and books. At the other end of the spectrum, some coworking spaces feature in-house nursery schools, teachers, and playgrounds. 

Designed by parents for parents, these are a great solution for workers who may otherwise find it hard to juggle work with childcare. With just a handful of these combined coworking and childcare spaces in existence at present, their popularity looks sure to rise in the near future. 

Wellness-first coworking 

With mental health problems and burnout levels high, it’s no surprise that people are drawn towards coworking spaces that put particular emphasis on wellbeing. From biophilic workplace design with lots of living walls, leafy plants, and bee-friendly roof gardens to exercise-focused workspaces with regular yoga classes, a range of different wellness-first coworking spaces are popping up everywhere. 

The trend looks set to increase in 2023 and beyond as employers and employees alike continue to value workspaces that contribute to mental and physical health. Expect to see more coworking offerings with in-house yoga, tai chi, and meditation instructors, gyms and fitness equipment, and even massages in the near future! 

Niche industry coworking spaces

In addition to the big names in the coworking scene, it’s likely that we’ll see a rise in more niche and unique coworking spaces popping up around the world. Some of these spaces may be unified by a particular industry – think health and beauty coworking spaces, film and photography coworking spaces, and tech startup coworking spaces. 

These industry-specific coworking spaces not only provide their users with the opportunity to network with other similar brands, but they also can provide the specialist equipment and facilities needed. For example, creative media focused coworking spaces may have recording studios, specialist equipment, and post-production facilities. 

And there’s no doubt that as time goes on these coworking spaces will become even more industry-specific. Today, there’s even a cannabis-friendly coworking space in California which hopes to become a hub for the state’s growing cannabis industry!

Niche demographic coworking spaces

It’s not only specific industries that the coworking spaces of the future may serve. Coworking spaces catering to specific demographics are starting to become popular and look sure to increase in the future. For example, there are some women-only coworking spaces which promise female-focused events, a harassment-free environment, and facilities such as nursing rooms. There are also some LGBTQ+ coworking spaces which provide a welcoming space for members from the LGBTQ+ community. 

Currently, most coworkers are in their 20s and 30s, so spaces catering to an older crowd might help cater to older freelancers, entrepreneurs, and workers in the future. Similarly, we may see a rise in accessible coworking spaces. With so many different people wanting to start coworking, the coworking spaces of the future are likely to differentiate themselves by targeting precise demographics. 

A rise in virtual coworking

Many fully remote organisations have already seen the benefits of a virtual office membership, allowing them to use the business address and mail handling facilities of an existing coworking space or serviced office without actually locating the business there. Could the next step be to offer an actual virtual workspace in the metaverse? 

We’ve already seen coworking spaces use virtual metaverse tours of their offices to attract new members; it seems likely that in the future coworking spaces may provide entire virtual workspaces where members can log on and work together from their homes. This will probably exist to supplement, not replace coworking as we know it, bridging the gap between virtual and in-person work.

Improved tech

And even in the physical office, we can expect to see more advanced technology streamlining your day. From AI assistants to the Internet of Things (IoT), coworking spaces are well positioned to lead the way with technologically enhanced offices. 

In the coworking space of the future, you may be able to instantly book a meeting room from your smartwatch, invite the right people, adjust the temperature inside before you get there, and schedule the coffee machine to make you an oat flat white so you can pick it up from the kitchen on your way to the meeting. Or, the technology might already know your preferences and do it all for you automatically!

As IoT technology advances, we can expect to see it used in more coworking spaces to create a seamless and personalised experience for members. 

Looking for your new coworking space?

With coworking spaces becoming some of the most desirable places to work in recent years, it’s no surprise that growing numbers of small and medium sized businesses are looking for a taste of the coworking life. Further exciting developments in the future will help coworking spaces grow in popularity and make them accessible to more people over time. Personally, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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