Virtual Offices

Want a prestigious business address with an efficient team to take care of your mail handling or forwarding and phone answering, all for a fraction of the cost of renting an in-person office? You could benefit from a virtual office service

Future Squared matches teams with their perfect offices around the UK. Whether you're looking for virtual offices or physical offices (managed offices, coworking spaces, serviced offices, or semi-serviced offices) we can find the perfect office solution for you. 

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office allows you to use an address for your business without actually being located there physically. For remote organisations, a virtual office provides a professional address for your business mail to be sent to. This usually includes mail handling. 

In addition to providing an address for your business, many virtual office services also provide packages with additional services such as mail forwarding, phone call answering, and more. Some even include free or discounted access to meeting rooms. 

How Does a Virtual Office Work?

When your business signs up to a virtual office, all you have to do is pay a monthly fee for the virtual address. You can use this address to register your business and receive post and packages. With mail forwarding and handling services, the provider will receive and send on your post to an address of your choice. Many virtual office services provide different options for the frequency of mail forwarding, or they can scan your mail and send you virtual copies of documents instead. 

Some virtual office packages also include free or discounted access to meeting rooms at the address for a specific number of hours each month. This is ideal for remote organisations who need the occasional meeting room for whole-team projects or client meetings. The meeting rooms will usually be fully equipped with everything you need, including Wi-Fi, whiteboards, and air conditioning. 

Is a Virtual Office Suitable for Me? 

Remote-first companies

With many organisations realising the benefits of working fully remotely following the Covid-19 pandemic, remote-first organisations are becoming increasingly common. If your business has no physical presence, a virtual office is a great way to maintain a real address that isn't simply the founder's home.

Brand new businesses

Just started a business and haven't found a full-time office yet? Need an address to register the business? A virtual office is a great way to go. As a temporary or permanent solution, renting a virtual office address is a cheap and useful way to get things started. 

Organisations between offices

Left your previous office space and don't have a permanent office address for the moment? Don't worry about it! A virtual business address is a useful way to tide you over until you find your perfect new office space. 

Businesses moving overseas

Moving your operations to a different country but want to maintain an office address in the UK? A virtual office makes it easy to keep a business address in the UK without having to rent an expensive and unoccupied office space. 

Why Choose a Virtual Office?

Super low cost

Get a virtual office address and mail handling and forwarding perks for an extremely low monthly cost. Virtual addresses are perfect for any startup operating on a shoestring budget or organisation trying to cut costs. 

Offload administrative hassle

Reduce your administrative workload with the help of an expert team for mail forwarding and answering the phone. With this admin handled on your behalf, your team is free to focus on their important work. 

Make a great first impression

It can be hard to impress potential clients without a permanent business address. Fortunately, a virtual office address located in the centre of one of the UK's most prestigious cities can make a great first impression on your future clients. On your business card, a great address for your business makes all the difference. 

Better privacy 

Even if your business is home-based, you don't want your home address on public record at Companies House, and you probably don't want your business mail being sent there. A virtual address means that your home address remains private and that your business mail goes to a preferred business address. 

Flexible terms

You don't want to be tied down to one single location, especially if your business is likely to relocate to a real office in the near future. One of the benefits of a virtual office is that they provide extremely flexible contracts. With monthly pay-as-you-go flexible terms, you'll never be stuck in a contract that isn't right for you. 

Meeting room access

Many virtual packages include access to meeting rooms for free or a discounted price. For remote-working companies that need a whole-team session or the occasional client meeting, the ability to rent a meeting room for just a few hours is ideal. 

Find Your Perfect UK Virtual Office Address

Future Squared's mission is to find the perfect virtual office service for your business, no matter your size, needs, or desired address. We can match you with virtual office services all around the UK, including:

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