Benefits of an Office Gym

Benefits of an Office Gym

Office gyms are growing in popularity as one of the most attractive perks an organisation can offer employees. With more than a third of the UK population reporting that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to exercise (according to a study by Puregym), providing employees with an opportunity to workout at work is a great way to boost their health and wellbeing. 

But did you know that having a gym in your office space can have significant benefits for a business, including through boosting productivity, reducing absenteeism, and improving retention? 

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of an on-site gym for your team and your business.

Improve mental health

In one US study, scientists looked at the mental health of 1.2 million people over four years, some of whom exercised regularly and some of whom didn’t. They found that regular exercise reduced the number of bad mental health days in a month by over 43%, compared to those who didn’t exercise. 

With 1 in 4 people in England experiencing a mental health problem each year, offering employees the opportunity to use an office gym is a great way to improve wellbeing. Moreover, the mental health benefits of exercise are especially important in the current cost of living crisis, where 71% of managers report seeing increased stress and anxiety levels in their workplace

Boost creativity

Scientists have also found a link between exercise and creativity. In one 2014 study, for example, volunteers were asked to do a creative activity while sitting in a boring office or while walking on a treadmill. Almost every volunteer had better and a greater number of ideas when they were exercising compared to when they were sitting at a desk. 

While further research is necessary to find out more, it appears that the increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain may help sharpen our cognitive abilities and boost our mood, helping us be more creative. 

But even if the exact details of the link between exercise and creativity are uncertain, it’s clear that exercise is often a welcome break from the worries of the day and sitting in front of a screen. After a lunch break spent in the office space’s gym, employees are more likely to sit down at their desks feeling refreshed and ready to be creative. 

Increase motivation and energy

Another benefit of an on-site gym for your team is that exercise can boost energy and motivation, helping employees perform their best. Research shows that sitting still for a long time can be detrimental to productivity and mental health; encouraging employees to do a lunchtime workout can be a great way to help them power through the dreaded mid-afternoon slump and stay motivated.

Reduce stress levels

Exercise has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and boost mood. Whether you’re running on the treadmill or pumping weights, even a short period of aerobic activity releases endorphins, our brain’s feel-good chemicals and natural painkillers. Plus, it reduces levels of adrenaline and cortisol, the stress hormones.

Decrease absenteeism

Employees who exercise frequently tend to be healthier and happier, and this means that they take fewer sick days. Exercise strengthens the immune system, helping your team members fight off coughs and colds. Plus, the stress-busting capabilities of frequent exercise mean that employees are less likely to take mental health days. 

When you consider that absenteeism costs the UK economy billions of pounds each year, it’s no surprise that growing numbers of employers are offering free gym memberships or on-site gyms to safeguard their employees’ physical and mental health.

Enhance team spirit and working relationships

Another key benefit of having a gym in your office space is that your team members are encouraged to work out together – a great way to solidify strong relationships and build team spirit. Employees who hit the gym together are more likely to support each other in the office, helping build a stronger and more resilient team. Instead of forcing employees to take part in organised team-building activities, encouraging them to go to the gym together can be a powerful way to boost teamwork.

Boost retention and attract new employees

With a great perk like a free gym in the office that employees can use whenever they like, current team members are less likely to leave. Furthermore, it’s an attractive perk for anyone considering applying for a job. Even if you’re a small business that can’t offer the highest salaries or best benefits, access to an on-site gym is a popular perk that many workers love. 

New year, new office?

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