Serviced Office Space

Looking for an all-inclusive fully furnished office space? A serviced office is a great option for any business that wants a private, well-equipped space for immediate move-in. 

Future Squared provides comprehensive serviced office space across the UK, including in major cities like London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and Leeds. We are a leading provider of flexible office space and are experts in marrying up businesses and brands with their perfect workplace solutions. 

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What is a Serviced Office Space?

Serviced offices provide you with an all-in-one solution. For a fixed monthly fee, you will gain access to a fully kitted out office space in a location of your choosing. This will be furnished with everything you need to work: desks, chairs, high-speed Wi-Fi, amenities like a front desk and toilets, printing and copying, and more. 

Serviced offices are usually located in a business centre and the provider of the space will manage the office space on the tenant's behalf. Included in the monthly fee will be your rent, business rates, utility bills, cleaning, insurance, security and front of house staff. 

You can add on a range of different services, such as access to call handling and the use of multiple meeting rooms. 

Is a Serviced Office Space Suitable for me?

Whether you are your sole employee or if you have 200 others, serviced offices can work for every type of brand and business. From start-ups to established office-based companies, if you need a professional environment to work in, a flexible office could be the solution for you. 

Busy start-ups and small businesses

For growing start-ups or small businesses looking to rent their first office space, a serviced office is a great choice. These have all the facilities a business needs and are ready to move in almost immediately; the space is already furnished and equipped. As a result, your start-up can move into the office space quickly and without hassle, providing little to no disruption to your everyday operations. 

Businesses looking for flexibility

Offering shorter leases than traditional private offices, serviced offices are the optimal solution for any business that wants a more flexible alternative. For any business that is growing rapidly or is getting to grips with hybrid working, it may be difficult to predict how much office space you might need a year or two down the line. A flexible serviced workspace allows you to cater to your organisation's current needs while retaining flexibility for the future. 

Why Choose a Serviced Office?

Fully furnished office space

Serviced office spaces have everything you need to start working: desks, chairs, breakout areas, meeting rooms, kitchens, and more. With everything you need for your day-to-day operations already in place, there are no delays or time wasted on setting up the workspace when moving in. 

Fixed monthly fee

Serviced office spaces are a single, transparent monthly cost, making it easier than ever to budget. This means there are no more tedious bills and having to pay several suppliers - just one payment which covers everything. 

Easy office space customisation

Your office space package can be made bespoke through add-on services. Want different equipment? Additional services and facilities? A larger workspace? All these requests can be accommodated in a serviced office. 

Great locations

Serviced offices are the perfect way to rent an office in an amazing location for a stunningly low price. With locations in all major cities including London, Manchester, and Birmingham, a serviced office can put your brand in the middle of a cultural and economic hub with excellent transport links which make it ideal for commuting. 

Super flexible contracts

You can rent a serviced office with varying contract lengths, including temporary and long-term leases. Not sure how much office space your company will need in six months, a year, or two years? A serviced workspace ensures that you'll never be stuck in a lease that doesn't work for you. 

Move in immediately

With these ready-to-go offices, immediate move-in dates are available. For businesses who want a smooth transition into the new space with minimal disruption to your business, opting for a serviced office is the ideal choice. 

Make a great impression on clients

For client-facing businesses, first impressions mean everything. Having a state-of-the-art serviced office in a great location helps impress potential clients. Serviced offices usually offer access to ready-to-use meeting rooms for those important client meetings, allowing you to make a great first impression in your attractive and professional office space. 

Private offices

Need privacy and security? Serviced offices offer all the benefits of a traditional private office for a budget-friendly price and more flexible lease.  

How do Serviced Offices Compare to Other Flexible Offices?

Serviced Offices vs Semi-Serviced Offices

Semi-serviced office spaces are similar to serviced offices, but there are a few amenities that are not included in their monthly price. For example, semi-serviced offices may not include secretarial services or front of house reception. 

Which should I choose: serviced offices or semi-serviced offices? Both are suitable options for most businesses, but if you want more perks and a hassle-free office, serviced is the way to go. Whereas, if you're on a tight budget, semi-serviced may be the superior option. 

Serviced Offices vs Managed Offices

Although serviced offices and managed offices have many similarities, the key difference is that managed offices allow you to customise a bespoke office space while serviced offices have a ready-to-go office that you can use almost immediately. The benefit of a managed office, therefore, is that you get full control over the layout, branding, and design of your office. However, this also means that managed offices are more expensive and have a longer set-up time than serviced offices because the space must be decorated and furnished before you move in. 

Which should I choose: a serviced office or managed office? For businesses who want a completely hassle-free moving experience and are keen to move into the new space quickly, a serviced office is the clear winner. On the other hand, businesses with a bit more cash and time might choose a fully customised managed office which offers more freedom over the design and layout of the workspace. 

Serviced Offices vs Coworking Spaces 

While both serviced offices and coworking spaces offer ready-to-use office space that is managed by the provider, the main difference is that serviced offices offer private space for a business, while coworking provides dedicated desks or hot desks in communal office spaces. Serviced offices may also provide greater access to meeting rooms and other facilities than coworking spaces. 

Which should I choose: a serviced office or a coworking space? If you want a more private, self-contained office space, a serviced workspace is the way to go. However, if you're looking for a more sociable experience where you work alongside other entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers, a coworking space is a great choice. 

Find Your Perfect Serviced Offices 

No matter your business size or needs, we can help find the perfect serviced office space for you. Pick your new office space in a prime UK location, such as:

... and many more incredible locations. Moreover, London based businesses can enjoy some of the capital's incredible locations at unbelievably low prices, including Shoreditch, Canary Wharf, Covent Garden, Fitzrovia, the City of London, and a wide range of locations in Greater London. 

If you would like more information about our range of serviced office spaces for rent, or to arrange a viewing on one of the properties listed on our website, please contact us. Our team is ready to help you find your dream office location, so don’t hesitate to call us to find out more about how we can assist you in your search for a new office space.