Managed Office Space

Future Squared can help you find your ideal managed office space, no matter where you are in the country. Whether you need a workspace in London, Brighton, Cambridge, Newcastle or any other major UK city, we can help you find the perfect solution.

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What is Managed Office Space?

Managed office spaces are a hybrid between serviced offices and conventional leased offices. These are empty office spaces that can be rented for shorter leases than traditional offices (often 1-3 years). They tend to be priced by square foot, unlike serviced offices which are usually priced per desk.

When you choose a managed office space you’ll pay the monthly cost inclusive of all your rent and bills. You’ll also have the option to customise the space to your requirements - furniture, layout and branding can all be personalised by the tenant. Managed office spaces offer greater customisation potential than serviced offices; you can truly make the office space your own.

The final key difference between managed offices and serviced offices is that there are no shared or communal facilities in a managed office, while serviced offices tend to use shared breakout areas and meeting rooms. This means that managed offices provide a work environment with greater privacy and fewer distractions.

How Does Customising a Managed Office Space Work?

In a managed office, you can install the flooring and wall décor of your choice, as well as bringing in your own furniture such as desks and chairs. You can also customise the layout of the workspace. Want comfy sofas for a chill-out area? A big central table for easy collaboration? Ready-to-use phone booths for private calls? Managed office space is flexible, allowing you to create the workspace that works for you.

The cost of the bespoke fit-out will be spread out over the duration of your contract. This makes it a budget-friendly way to customise your office space, avoiding the need to pay the full cost up front.

What is Included in a Managed Office lease?
One of the great things about managed offices is that you pay one fee for everything. This quarterly or monthly cost may also include:

  • Utility bills
  • Wi-Fi
  • Waste collection and recycling facilities
  • Security
  • Parking facilities
  • Cleaning

Is Managed Office Space Suitable for me?

With a wide range of different office sizes available, managed offices can be suitable for small businesses and startups, SMEs, scale-up companies, or even as an organisation headquarters. 

Businesses that need flexibility 

Managed offices are geared towards businesses that want a more permanent base while still enjoying flexibility. They're ideal for businesses that are outgrowing co-working spaces or want their first in-person office space, while also being a great option for larger businesses that want a more flexible workspace. 

Client-facing businesses

If your brand is growing and you are in a client-facing industry, a managed working space could be a good option for you as you’ll have a professional base to meet with clients. Unlike a serviced office where meeting rooms and breakout areas are shared, private managed office spaces mean you'll always have a fully customised meeting room available to meet with clients.  

Why Choose Managed Office Space?

Express your brand through the office

With the option to kit out your office space however you like, the office can truly reflect your branding with colour schemes, logos, and décor. Motivate your staff, attract clients and impress your future employees with a fully-equipped office space that truly feels like a home for your business. 

Enjoy flexible leases

With traditional office leases lasting many years at a time, opting for a managed space means that you can take advantage of shorter and more flexible leases. Perfect for new and growing businesses that aren't sure where they'll be in a few years' time, managed office spaces are suitable for businesses that want to rent a new office for a shorter, more flexible term. 

Create a workspace that works for you

The office is a blank canvas: what will you do with it? The way you organise desks, tables, break-out spaces, and booths is entirely up to you. You know how your team works best - a managed office allows you to create an agile office layout that supports your requirements. 

Access great locations for lower prices

Managed offices are available all around the country in London, Edinburgh, Bristol, and many other prime locations. Because managed offices are cheaper than traditional office spaces, it's easier to rent in incredible locations including central parts of London such as the City of London and up-and-coming parts of North London and South London. 

Simplify accounting

By paying a single monthly fee or quarterly fee for your office space and bills, managed offices make accounting and budgeting easier for your business. No hidden fees; no unexpected costs. Just one simple payment to your office provider. 

Feel at ease in your private office 

Unlike serviced offices or coworking spaces which share breakout spaces and meeting rooms, managed offices provide increased privacy for your team. No more interruptions or anxieties about who is listening to your sensitive conversations: managed spaces allow you to feel completely at ease in the office.

Access convenient support

Got a problem with your office space? Need something fixed or changed? Managed workspaces take all the hassle out of that day-to-day office upkeep; just contact management and they'll help you out.  

Cheaper than serviced offices

Managed offices tend to be cheaper than serviced offices per square foot, making them a great option for businesses on a tight budget. Because the cost of kitting out the office space is spread across all the rent payments, these are also cheaper to set up. 

Hybrid work friendly

A managed office space is ideal for businesses using a hybrid work model. Perhaps employees working from home means that you now want to use the office primarily as a collaborative space, or you want to downsize your space to suit a remote-first company that uses hot desks. Whatever your needs, customising your own managed office gives you the flexibility to do this. 

Quick move-in

You can move into your office space quickly with a managed office - depending on how you choose to customise the office it can be fully furnished and available for move-in in just a matter of weeks. 

Find Your Perfect Managed Office

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