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Future Squared operates throughout Birmingham to provide all manner of businesses with flexible office space. After London, Birmingham has the second city largest population in the UK, with over 1.1 million people making it a thriving atmosphere of hustle and bustle. Birmingham is an ideal location for growing businesses. 

A company set up in Birmingham will allow you to recruit a diverse workforce as the city’s population is even more diverse than in London. Such a diverse workforce will place your business in good stead to tackle endless business opportunities, and Future Squared can give you a foundation to build this from. We offer a variety of office solutions throughout Birmingham, as detailed below. 

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Serviced Office Space in Birmingham

Whether you’re a start-up business or an already established company, serviced office space works for everyone. With the ease of flexible contracts, inclusive bills and utilities, it couldn’t be easier to get started. We have office space to accommodate anywhere from one to 200 people, so regardless of your company’s size, we have a solution for you. 

Serviced office spaces in Birmingham include rent, utilities, business rates, insurance, security, and front of house services within a monthly bill. Similarly, printer access and call handling can be added whenever you require them. 

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Semi Serviced Office Space

If your budget doesn’t stretch far enough for a fully serviced office space, you might consider a semi serviced office. These are almost identical to fully serviced office spaces, but in the absence of front of house services, you won’t be entitled to secretarial purposes such as post management. 

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Rented Coworking Office Space in Birmingham

Future Squared liaises with several landlords offering two types of office spaces, including permanent desking and hot desking. Each involves your company being situated within a large office comprising of other companies which each of you will share. With these options, the number of hours that you’re able to work per month may be limited. For example, you might only be entitled to 60 hours per week or 9-5 daily. Despite this, it’s an affordable option that allows you to interact with likeminded individuals from day to day. 

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Managed Office Space in Birmingham

Managed offices combine the perks of a serviced and conventional leased office space. With this office solution, you’re able to design the space however you see fit and pay for this over the length of your contract. We know how important it can be to make your business your own, so this is a great option to personalise your business space. On top of this, you can be sure that your bills and communication services are being handled correctly. 

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Virtual Office Space in Birmingham

If your business is operating remotely but you require a physical business address, a virtual office is the perfect solution. All post and calls will be directed to the office space where your business is registered. This will make your company seem more established as clients will interact with a physical office address. This is ideal for businesses that operate on a remote basis but that require a hub for postal and telephone purposes. 

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If you require a flexible office in Birmingham, we can assist you. Please get in touch to enquire about our available offices or to organise a viewing.